10 styles of decorative tables for Christmas Eve

10 styles of decorative tables for Christmas Eve

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Next goal: the table decoration from the 31st in the evening! In order not to miss it, we take inspiration from the 10 crunchy staging that follows… It's up to you to choose the style that most suits you!



### Dare to mix gold and silver: this is the bet brilliantly met by this bling bling table. Because there are few parties during which we can release such a dress code!


Geneviève Lethu

### The strong points of this table? A pastel color code, a sophisticated layout and a choice of high-end tableware! A charm !



### Those for whom Christmas Eve involves a good dose of change of scenery could appreciate this colorful table decoration! Ethnic plates, multicolored candles: the party here promises to be spicy!


Geneviève Lethu

### Ultra thin table runner, transparency, soft snowflake patterns and extra white objects: to celebrate the new year, the table decor will be chic and snowy!



### Unlimited gold for this table sparkling with a thousand lights. It is the precious interpretation of the festivities at the very end of the year…



### Small shortbread, gingerbread men and barley sugar take care of sowing a highly festive magic at the table. To get your eyes full before savoring delicious party treats, this is the dream formula


La Redoute

### The decor palette will be red and white. Because nothing prevents us from extending the traditional Christmas mood until the big New Year's Eve! Notice to lovers of tradition.



### New Years Eve one-on-one or not, minimalism takes pride of place on this table simply decorated with candlesticks, a garland of mistletoe and Christmas balls…

Great century

Brigitte Saby

### Esprit remains for this festive table that sees life big. On the program: velvet chairs, precious glassware, refined chandeliers and iridescent light ...