10 kitchens with XXL worktops

10 kitchens with XXL worktops

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Do you love to cook for many guests? To be comfortable during preparation, you then need a kitchen with a work surface of sufficient size to accommodate your preparations and allow you to dress the plates. So we have selected for you 10 kitchens with XXL worktops.

A work plan and a dining space island

Purpose In this kitchen, you will have enough space to create several poles of realization for your recipes. You can set up a workshop on the work plan, another on the island and you can even do the training in the space normally reserved for meals.

Two large work plans

Aviva In this long kitchen, we take advantage of the shape of the kitchen to offer two worktops that are the full size of the kitchen. They are installed parallel to each other for more convenience.

A work plan for actions another for achievements

Aviva This kitchen also comes in length and allows you to bet on two worktops. The first will accommodate the sink, hotplates and robots while the second will be used for all pasta preparations and dressings.

An L-shaped kitchen

Aviva In this large kitchen, the furniture forms an L which will be completely dedicated to the worktops to allow the preparation of recipes for a large number of guests.

A very large kitchen

Aviva If your kitchen is very large, do not hesitate to multiply the worktops all around the kitchen and also in the center of the space with a large island. You will free up the space by installing the oven in a more distant part.

A long kitchen

Mobalpa This long kitchen is entirely the size of the room. Also, we opted for a very long work plan that allows us to make all the achievements while the other side of the kitchen will be dedicated to storage and ovens.

A kitchen with a work plan dining area

Arthur Bonnet In this kitchen, you will have access to a large work plan that takes the form of an island and you can also use the dining area, deliberately high to offer you additional space.

Worktops all around and in the center

Darty In this kitchen, we optimize the space by placing a work plan all around the kitchen and adding a large island in the center to provide space for preparation.

A U-shaped kitchen

Ikea This kitchen in the original form presents practically only a work plan which is installed in U in the room. Storage is at the bottom and in another piece of furniture to maximize the space for the realization.