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Ideas for using rugs in the home

Ideas for using rugs in the home

In the house, rugs have many uses! We can indeed use them in any room to create decorative effects and warm your interior in the blink of an eye! To inspire you, we suggest you discover 10 ways to use carpets in the house.

A carpet in the bathroom

To warm up the atmosphere of the bathroom, the carpet is ideal! You will place it under the vanity unit to keep your feet warm while you prepare. Be careful not to place it too close to the shower or the bathtub to avoid water.

A carpet on the stairs

In the staircase also the carpets have a role to play! You can install a narrow carpet that will act as a stairway. This will protect your steps while giving them a real decorative touch.

A carpet to materialize a space

If you want to create a small relaxation area within the same room, you can use a carpet to delimit the surface. Here, we placed a faux sheepskin on the carpet to create a small living room.

A carpet in the hallway

To accompany the look in the hallway, you can opt for a long carpet that will dress this space by giving it a more decorative look. You can opt for several rugs or bet on a continuous model depending on whether you want to break the codes or not.

A carpet to highlight the furniture

In the living room, the carpet will be very pleasant to warm the atmosphere of the room. It is placed under the coffee table to highlight the furniture, taking care to choose it according to the size of the latter. The coffee table should neither appear too large nor too small compared to the carpet.

A carpet in bed

So that your children have warm feet when they get out of bed, consider installing a carpet at the edge of the bed. It will have the advantage of adding a decorative touch to the room. For example, opt for a carpet that takes on a room color.

Several rugs to delimit the spaces

In this very large room where the living room and the dining room meet, we chose two different rugs to materialize the two spaces. Each carpet thus responds to the colors of the furniture that receives it to create a harmonious whole.

A carpet to delimit the space

In the same way, you can only choose to use a single carpet which will delimit the space of a part of the room. Here, we put on a large carpet which is installed only in the living room part of the large living room.

Carpets to warm a room

To give a cocooning style to a room, multiply the rugs! You can place one under the bed to enhance it and opt for a second to create a living space. More carpet ideas here!