A minimalist residence in Toronto

A minimalist residence in Toronto

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In this building dating back to 1889, the distribution of apartments had remained that of the old Toronto apartments: noisy and dark rooms, where light could hardly circulate. Renovated from top to bottom by Studio Junction, the building now includes a single-family house on two floors in a minimalist style. We open the doors of this exceptional house to you!

Spaces to rethink

Joe Lin - Studio Junction The project objectives: take advantage of the constraints of the building, preserve the spirit of yesteryear by adapting it to the current way of life. The result is a bright, design and warm house with soft wood tones.

Natural light

Joe Lin - Studio Junction The whole challenge of the renovation was to compose larger and brighter volumes. As evidenced by this magnificent skylight which opens up the space to the outside and effectively amplifies the light.

Spirit of yesteryear

Joe Lin - Studio Junction In the kitchen, the architecture studio has succeeded in mixing rustic and contemporary style by introducing an essence of blond wood to a bright, darker surface. The result: a sober and minimalist cuisine where life is good.

Wood and immaculate white, the perfect match

Joe Lin - Studio Junction The entire house remains faithful to a minimalist design and has a sleek layout where wood and white predominate.

Nordic touch

Joe Lin - Studio Junction Noble and natural materials, predominance of white and wood, clean lines and cozy textures ... Scandinavian design asserts itself in this children's room.

Beautiful brightness

Joe Lin - Studio Junction The bedroom has a large window that enhances the brightness of the room and emits a feeling of well-being mixed with refined simplicity.

An astonishing partition

Joe Lin - Studio Junction To energize the space and thus avoid any coldness, the corridor was covered with wooden panels. Sliding, they allow access to the baby's room when they are open.

Cozy nest

Joe Lin - Studio Junction If we easily let ourselves be charmed by this window dressed in wood which allows us to connect the space outside, we also fall for this soft graphic cover and this small workshop stool, a bit retro , which suggest softness and delicacy.

Zen bathroom

Joe Lin - Studio Junction Dressed in blond wood furniture with clean lines, the bathroom has a cozy atmosphere that aspires to cocooning.