20 semi-open kitchens for inspiration

20 semi-open kitchens for inspiration

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Looking for an arrangement to separate the kitchen from the living room while maintaining the connection between the two spaces? The semi-open kitchen is the solution! Workshop canopy, sliding door, glass or concrete cube, low wall, bar or kitchen island ... discover 20 ideas snapped up on Pinterest for a flexible and functional kitchen.

A glass partition

FJ Interior Design To bring light and style to a small kitchen, we dare the glass partition that structures the space, lightly. Source: Doskonale wnetrze

A kitchen in a cube

Castorama To save identified spaces and punctuate a large room, we think of a large concrete cube delimited by a semi-open partition. An ingenious solution to preserve the crossing view and the natural light in the kitchen space. Source: Castorama

Vitamin cuisine

Doherty Lynch Since color is part of the perception of space, we can opt for different, but complementary colors that will effectively draw the volumes of our kitchen. Source: Cush and nooks

An immaculate low wall

Amelia Widell To add an extra touch to her rustic style kitchen, we install a white wall which partially closes the access to the kitchen but which allows to keep the warm and friendly aspect of the space because of its large opening . Source: Lovely life

Small space

Hoo When you have a small kitchen, it is advisable to open it on the living room to improve the feeling of amplitude. And, to bring conviviality to the room, we install a meal plan with high seats like bar stools. Source: Desire to inspire

A graphic central island

Dedujes Similarly, you can customize the rear part of the front of your worktop or your central island to create a visual separation between the two spaces. To bring dynamism to a sober and minimalist space, dare a graphic coating. Guaranteed effect! Source: Dedujes

Color code

In the townhouse Choose furniture of the same color inside and outside your kitchen: this is the solution to create a space in total harmony. Source: In the townhouse

Stylized partitions

Brooke Holm Aesthetic and practical, this open wooden partition impresses brilliantly for a bright, natural and spacious interior. We love it! Source: Rob Kennon

A small bar

INT Architecture This space-saving kitchen, tucked away in a corner of the living room, is delimited by a partition diverted into a storage unit for condiments and by a small bar which partially closes the space. Chosen in opposite tones, the whole blends harmoniously into the decor. Source: Foto went up

A practical glass door

Danielle de Lange By opting for a glass door in your kitchen, it will give you the advantage of a space pleasantly lit by daylight. Source: Flickr

A design door

Foto went up For more originality, bet on a glass door like this model dressed in glass and aluminum for a light and contemporary at the same time. Source: Foto went up

A work plan to imitate

Mandi Johnson Here, the return of the work plan partially closes the space and makes it possible to effectively delimit the area dedicated to the preparation of meals. Practical and aesthetic, we love it! Source: A beautiful mess

Immaculate cuisine

Alvhem Partially open to the living room thanks to the implantation of a wooden and glass structure, this immaculate and friendly kitchen really has everything! Source: SF girl by bay

A pretty canopy

El mueble With a workshop canopy, no more dark and narrow kitchens. Light invites itself into the room and transforms the space, giving it plenty of light. Source: Keltainen talo rannalla

A large picture window

Ikea Very popular for designing a semi-open kitchen, the picture window allows partitioning without obscuring the light. Aesthetic and practical, it also offers the possibility of enjoying an opening without having the odor problem. Source: Ikea

A nice separation

Home Decor Here, the size of the canopy accentuates the height under the ceiling. An ingenious detail that effectively enlarges the room. Source: Atrezo arquitectos

A very practical layout

My Scandinavian home To facilitate circulation between the two spaces, you can choose to install your kitchen furniture against a wall, L or U-shaped. A solution that saves space in the space, especially if it is located in a large living room. Source: Coco rabbit design

A white canopy

Hervé Goluza To enlarge the space visually and optimize the brightness in your two rooms, opt for an immaculate canopy. Source: Around the world

Shock tandem

Mobalpa To energize and / or modernize a small semi-open kitchen, we opt for a classic and timeless duo: white and black. This pretty duo literally turns our heads! Source: Mobalpa


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