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The bathroom is Zen

The bathroom is Zen

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Small yet essential room, the bathroom is as essential to our well-being as to our good humor. To transform it into a real relaxation bubble, a few judicious decoration choices are essential. Whether you prefer a shower or a bathtub, pink or blue, lacquered or textured, the water must relax. We therefore dare in natural materials, refined or simply girly, but always Zen! For all those who dream of a bathroom under the sign of well-being, here is a selection of ultra soothing atmospheres.

English serenity

Maisons du monde To bring a feeling of serenity to our pond, we play English chic. The white wooden dressing table is an essential piece of furniture in a large bathroom, alongside an old-fashioned claw-foot bathtub.

Relaxing graphics

Castorama Blue and white in the bathroom, old-fashioned? Not at all ! This year, the color duo invites itself in a very modern and relaxing graphic game. We love !

The luxury of a home spa

Castorama To create a real cocoon dedicated to relaxation and well-being in the bathroom, a steam shower cabin is installed. A must have to enjoy the luxury of a spa… at home!

A central bathtub

Agape To make the bathroom a true refuge of minimalist tranquility, we opt for the purity of white on the walls and in the furniture finishes. The tub, majestic and round, becomes the center of the room, which is also deliberately stripped down. We choose it black, to emphasize its beautiful volume.

Daily well-being

Ikea Who says Zen bathroom says accessories to pamper yourself. We fall for natural soaps, relaxing bath salts and massage brushes which, far from being small details, will transform everyday life into a parenthesis of well-being.

Natural materials for feng shui spirit

Castorama We really like the Zen bathroom revisited in a very contemporary spirit. The textured, gray stone adorns the walls with a natural decoration with a Japanese spirit. We mix it with solid wood furniture to illuminate the whole.

Harmonious wood for a zen spirit

Castorama Here, everything has been done with simplicity so that the atmosphere is soft and soothing. No need to do too much, as long as the whole is coordinated: wooden furniture with open cupboards in height which reveals a nice decor and towels and bet is won. Most ? A basin placed all in roundness.

A bathroom full of sweetness

Castorama We don't always think about it, but the mosaic in natural colors also brings a Zen side to the bathroom. So we don't hesitate to play with it on the shower walls. On the furniture side, we opt for a very soft gray mouse which installs softness in the key word.

Zen yes, but chic!

Villeroy & Boch We fall for the magnificent bathroom of Villeroy & Boch which proves to be zen, feminine and ultra elegant. The white furniture plays on pure lines and the powder pink basin, with a simple but delicate shape, invites itself like a sweet treat in the bathroom. We add a few touches of brass or gold and voila!


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