The lights bring down the traditional lampshade

The lights bring down the traditional lampshade

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No more dusty lampshades, today the trend is diversion or even minimalism. Openwork grille, birdhouse or even a bare bulb, dress our lamps which suddenly stand out!

Fly cage lamp

** Fly cage lamp ** In a more poetic version, a simple bulb covers a white bird cage. Some small birds are suspended to add an even more real effect.

Lamp get out fleux

** Get Out lamp fleux ** This gray felt dog will become your best friend to light up your evenings with his big bulb as a truffle and a red electric wire for leash.

Fly grid lamp

** Fly grid lamp ** The industrial trend is in full swing. Supporting proof with this mesh suspension that cuts the lighting in an original way.

Matt llot llov lamp

** Matt llot llov lamp ** In a more winter version, the electric wire is covered with knitted wool. To be rolled up, placed on the floor or hung, this light presents a cocooning interpretation of the cable bulb.

Like flowing paper

** Like Paper- Fleux ** Like Paper lamps designed by Miriam Aust and Sebastian Amelung are made of concrete. To hang or hang, they are original unique pieces that will add a design note to your decor.

Birdhouse am pm

** AM PM Birdhouse ** In summer, the interior goes outside but be aware that in winter it is the outside that huddles in the house. Here, small wooden birdhouses light up the wall in an original way. A word of advice: multiply them for a greater effect!

Philppe Cramer Randogne

** Philppe Cramer-Randogne ** Large, small, round, here is a light that comes in all sizes and even in different colors ranging from red, blue, through yellow or purple and green .

Leroy merlin hanging lamp

** Leroy Merlin baloon pendant lamp ** Like flying lanterns, these pendant lights with Asian accents brought up to date, without context add a little oriental air to your decor.