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Hema: Christmas Collection 2015

Hema: Christmas Collection 2015

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Christmas is coming soon ! It is time to decorate your tree and find out how to dress your table for the holidays. Hema offers us a new Christmas collection. Discover our selection in 10 images!

Artificial trees

Hema Whether green or white, the Christmas tree will welcome the gifts brought by Santa Claus at its feet! Easy to install at home because of their size, these trees only aspire to be decorated.

Decorations for your tree

Hema Very conventional, these little Christmas characters will elegantly dress your Christmas tree. Combine them with Christmas balls and string lights to get a perfectly decorated tree.

Original Christmas balls

Hema Hanging Christmas balls on your tree is one of the pleasures we like to have in December. Transparent Christmas ball filled with artificial snow representing a snowman or glittery Christmas pendant in the shape of an owl: which will you choose?

Wooden fir trees

Hema These miniature wooden trees adapt easily to any interior, whether on a piece of furniture, on a window sill or on the floor. Decorated with a pretty garland, they will be all the rage!

Patterned Christmas cushions

Hema What could be better than spending your long winter evenings on your sofa, near the fireplace, surrounded by cushions? Whether for you or for your children, these patterned cushions correspond perfectly to the spirit of Christmas.

Bright decorations

Hema Very trendy, illuminated signs are invading our interiors so why not adapt them to Christmas periods? This is what Hema did by offering these small bright decorations that we will not fail to notice!

Christmas wreath

Hema To hang on the wall of your living room or bedroom for example, this beautiful multicolored paper garland is the essential decorative accessory for these Christmas parties!


Hema Santa's favorite animal, the reindeer is an integral part of the Christmas decor! Whether in a snowball or on the wall in the form of a wooden trophy, the reindeer is everywhere!

Kitchen textiles

Hema Perfectly in the Christmas theme, the apron and the oven mitt are both decorated with small fir trees. Practical, the apron will allow you to cook without dirtying your clothes for the holidays! Source: Hema


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