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Resulting from the collaboration with Ressource, famous paint merchant, the new collection of Sarah Lavoine offers 36 different paint shades: a colorful collection!

A variety of shades

Sarah Lavoine The range of shades proposed thanks to the collaboration between Ressource and Sarah Lavoine comes to enlarge the choice proposed by the famous Parisian designer.

Sparkling colors

Sarah Lavoine Sarah Lavoine and Ressource have pooled all their talent to offer you thirty different colors: you are spoiled for choice!

A yellow wall

Sarah Lavoine The yellow tint of this "Queen" painting is perfect for lighting up a room with a sober and refined decoration. It will bring an undeniable touch of pep to your interior.

A little rose

Sarah Lavoine Presented only in small touches, this malabar pink shade goes perfectly with the darker colors which have the advantage of enhancing its radiance!

A midnight blue paint

Sarah Lavoine Ideal for creating a soothing and relaxing atmosphere, the Bleu Minuit paint goes well with furniture in lighter shades.

A purple piece

Sarah Lavoine While the liveliness of this Pensée purple hue is remarkable, it is softened by softer furniture and decoration. An ultra contemporary and trendy wedding.

Turquoise blue on its walls

Sarah Lavoine Painting a whole wall section with this turquoise blue paint will bring fantasy to your room. Dressed in rough decorative objects, your wall will be all the more beautiful!

And why not green?

Sarah Lavoine Very sparkling, this green paint must be combined with furniture with more sober colors if you want to reveal its elegance. Accompanied by mismatched cushions and objects with graphic patterns, the result is full of pep's.

A patchwork of colors

Sarah Lavoine These different shades are available at Ressource, in the various Sarah Lavoine boutiques, or at their distributors. This colorful wall makes you want to reproduce patchworks at home! Source: Sarah Lavoine


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