I want cement tiles in my kitchen

I want cement tiles in my kitchen

Cement tiles are getting a facelift and becoming an essential decorative element in our kitchens. While we had, until now, a tendency to conceal them or simply to replace them with something more modern, for some time now, cement tiles have made a comeback and have established themselves as a key element of all our decorations. United, two-tone or real patchwork, they now enliven our cuisine.

An original credenza

Discover Design Lovers of sobriety, we integrate the cement tiles with subtlety into its interior and we put on a cheerful and playful credenza. The cement tiles will bring an unparalleled style to your space and will put your dishes in the spotlight.

Architectural cuisine

Palatino Tired of classic and austere cuisines? The extravagant Palatino credenza is for you! Designed using plain and colored tiles, it will bring volume and freshness to your space thanks to its geometric shapes and floral patterns.

A patchwork spirit for my kitchen

Saint Maclou To personalize and energize your space in the blink of an eye, use several plain and colored cement tiles, decorated with patterns or not that you will mix randomly for a patchwork effect. This color scheme has the advantage of being particularly suitable for small rooms.

Spanish inspiration

Du Haut des Pays Bleus Want to bring an exotic touch to your kitchen? We associate the cement tiles of the floor with credenza zelliges to give an ethnic side to its interior. Warm and could not be more trendy, they will propel you in the blink of an eye in the heart of Mexico City.

Cement tiles for a charming kitchen

Carocim The eccentricity and fantasy of cement tiles are particularly suited to family-style kitchens in the countryside. Reissued from an old model, the colored patterned tiles, elegantly taking up the tones of the space, reinforce the authentic and convivial side of this interior.

Tiles in small touches

Ikea Did you think they were outdated? Very trendy, cement tiles will on the contrary embellish your kitchen with a touch of fantasy and modernity. By small touches, they will bring tone and vigor to all your spaces.

Cement tiles and parquet for an ingenious separation of space

Antonio Duarte The combination of parquet floors, plain and colored cement tiles gives this open kitchen an incredible charm. The blond wood of the parquet gives the space a warm and cocooning style while the cement tiles reinforce the classic and timeless side of the interior. Very clever, this combination allows a delimitation of intelligent space.

Floral tracery

Hemnet Dare the total cement tile look for the splashback of your kitchen. And, to bring a natural touch to your space, bet on tiles with floral tracery. You will favor fresh and sparkling colors to bring well-being and serenity. A real breath of fresh air!

Vintage inspiration

Planet Deco Nostalgic from the 50s and 60s, recreate a vintage atmosphere in your kitchen by mixing heathered pieces and playing on pastel tones by opting for patterned cement tiles.