I want a mole decor!

I want a mole decor!

To give chic and character to the house without false note, the mole is very trendy. Normal. Halfway between gray and brown, this shade is a safe bet, easy to match and versatile; so much so that it is used without moderation in the house! Only downside: do not be surprised to find it at your neighbor ... But what does it matter, since we love it, no question of depriving it!

Match sofa and carpet

AM. PM To integrate the mole into your decoration, you can - as in the image - decide to install a sofa that is exactly in the same tones as your sofa.

To match with camel

AM.PM The mole combines very well with camel. The proof is with this leather armchair which goes perfectly with the beige and taupe monochrome carpet.

For a very soft decoration

Maisons du Monde A pretty light taupe perfectly complements a decoration in light and gray wood. Here, cushions, sofa and carpet are a great addition to the coffee table, the wicker armchair, the shelf and the console.

With bed linen

Maisons du Monde A beautiful bed linen can transform any decoration. Choose it taupe to change the majority color of your interior decoration.

Pretty boutis

Maisons du Monde Add a touch of mole to your bedroom decor by opting for a nice boutis like this one.

Fabric hangings

IKEA For a taupe and romantic decoration at the same time, integrate the color to your decoration by the fabrics. Here, the sofa backrest is essentially made up of taupe drapes.

Bi-colored furniture

Paragraph To avoid falling into a total look that is too heavy, invest in two-colored pieces. We particularly like this sofa bed from Alinéa, both taupe and gray.

Cushions overlays

IKEA Layer quilts and cushions in beige and taupe shades to get a nice, cozy sofa like this one.

In shades

IKEA For a taupe decor only by touch, combine this beautiful color with other browns and beige for a nice monochrome!

Wall section

Castorama The taupe color can perfectly cover a whole section of wall. This will reveal the cachet of the room while bringing it a certain elegance.


Serendipity Mole walls in the child's room, we are for! Proof that they envelop the space of sweetness: the above atmosphere, both masculine and full of tenderness…


Castorama To give relief to the white walls of the living room, their bases have been painted in taupe. A very elegant effect which gives scale to this room.

In the kitchen

Fly In the kitchen, it is easier to change the credenza than the furniture! Result: opt for taupe furniture, easy to match any decor style!

Quilt effect

Castorama Ah the timeless padded effect… We find it on the Chesterfield sofa, on a legendary handbag and now on our walls. Use a taupe wallpaper with tufted effect for a very cozy and British room.

On the ground

Leroy Merlin Long live taupe tiles in the bathroom: simple and easy to combine with other colors, it is also in total harmony with the spirit of "well-being and softness" that reigns there ...


Leroy Merlin The mole is so popular that even the wood paneling has been converted! Demonstration with this highly chic and natural living room.


AM.PM On the bed, taupe-colored woolen plaids and cushions actively respond to our cocooning desires while enhancing the whiteness of the bed.


La Redoute For small children, taupe furniture creates a small, soft and retro atmosphere. Inevitably, we are fans of this bed and wardrobe set in taupe wood.


Ikéa No eccentricity for the headboard, but rather a master key. Answer: mole! Add to that a small quilting effect to melt completely.