10 wallpapers for a cocooning interior

10 wallpapers for a cocooning interior

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To warm up your interior, wallpaper is an ally of choice! You will find many models that will decorate the wall to create a very cocooning atmosphere in your bedroom or living room. We have selected 10 wallpapers just for you!

Animal spirit on the walls

A3P To warm up the atmosphere, nothing like animal skin. So choose wallpaper that imitates skin by bringing a very fluffy side to the walls. Also choose soft colors to accentuate the cocooning atmosphere.

Savannah spirit on the walls

Saint Maclou To bring a soft and warm atmosphere, we are inspired by the warm tones of the savannah and we opt for a duo of Gazelle and Antelope wallpaper in sanded and slightly moire colors which will create a real cocoon in the room.

Books on the walls

The Collection To make you feel warm in your interior, we suggest you bet on an old library atmosphere with a wallpaper that imitates book shelves. Do not use the wallpaper on the entire wall to breathe, but frame a fireplace, for example.

Quilt on the walls

Homology Cocooning effect guaranteed with this trompe l'oeil wallpaper which imitates padded leather. The walls then take on a soft appearance to warm the atmosphere of the living room. In the bedroom, this motif will be installed as a headboard.

Houndstooth pattern on the walls

Saint Maclou For a very cozy atmosphere, we get closer to winter patterns such as houndstooth which reappears in fashion every winter. You will then find a wallpaper with this motif but for a warmer atmosphere, choose a gray / black duo instead.

Baroque pattern on the walls

Kelly Hoppen The baroque style is sure to bring a lot of warmth to your interior. We choose arabesque patterns that are installed in tone on tone on a warm colored wallpaper like plum.

Stripes on the walls

Ferm Living For a chic and masculine atmosphere that is very warm in your interior, you can opt for wide stripes that will remind you of the English style. Apply the stripes on a wall panel to energize the decor.

Wood effect on the walls

Homology Wood is a very warm material. And if you do not want to install real wooden planks on your walls, prefer a trompe l'oeil wallpaper that will be very easy to install and that will instill a very cozy spirit in your decor.

Textiles on the walls

Tracy Kendall Finally, why not cover your walls with large trompe l'oeil curtains on wallpaper? The fabric and its drape will give a very warm style to your interior.


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