Candle lighting in the garden

Candle lighting in the garden

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If the temperatures, each day lower, gradually deprive us of the pleasures of the garden, nothing prevents us, on the other hand, from offering it a dim light at nightfall. Because some candles placed on the terrace, on a tree or near the front door, will have the gift, either to enhance its volumes, or to give birth to a pretty glow. Our selection of candle holders, lanterns and lanterns!


Paragraph ### Pair of enchanting lanterns in the garden. Their magic formula? A pink / purple color, star patterns and everything hanging from a tree.

In heart

Paragraph ### Falling from the branches, this series of lanterns decorated with hearts lights up a tree in the garden. What charm !


Paragraph ### Nice set of transparency for these candle jars in glasses nestled behind a mini decorative hedge.


Paragraph ### Perched on the branches of a tree, these pretty red, white and gray lanterns sow a point of minimal but poetic lighting in the middle of the garden.


La Redoute ### Retro spirit for these openwork tealight holders in brown metal wire. A design full of lightness in the center of which we store our autumn candles!


Paragraph ### Divine looks gentlemen the candle jars! After having opted for the colors of Greece, it is behind an aesthetic nicely pierced with round holes that we see their set of candles…

The Red and the Black

Paragraph ### Small summer air for this duo of tealight holders with extra fine lines and red and black colors. A way like any other to prolong the good mood of the beautiful days!


La Redoute ### Inspiration "basket" for this pair of candle holders wrapped in a woven wicker coat. Natural chic!


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