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The spirit of Halloween settles in the decor

The spirit of Halloween settles in the decor

On October 31, spirits, zombies and witches will be out to celebrate Halloween in the rules of art. And to create a special atmosphere in your interiors, we have found some original ideas!

Bat towels

D'home Productions To complete the decor of the table, you can start folding napkins by choosing a shape reminiscent of bats. You will therefore place your black napkins in your orange table decor.

An autumnal table

Options To decorate the table for your Halloween dinner, play with the fall color codes by installing autumn leaves in the center of the table and add pumpkin candles for the Halloween touch.

A pumpkin suspension

Sandra Clodion To enlighten you during this ghostly night, Sandra Clodion has created a pendant light inspired by pumpkins for a very chic Halloween decor with its white and orange stripes that will give an autumnal look to the house.

Decorative skulls

JH Halloween is the night of the living dead! To set the scene, you can have some skulls here and there. For an original style, you will find skulls covered with glitter that will be much less afraid and will be more chic.

Decoration for children's parties

La Redoute For children's parties, you will find lanterns in the shape of pumpkins or ghosts to place throughout the house to create a bright atmosphere that will make your little ones shiver.

A special Halloween flower arrangement

Aquarelle To help you create a floral composition on the theme of Halloween, Aquarelle offers workshops. You will learn to handle a pumpkin to make a vase and you will make a graphic bouquet to install in your original vase.

A dug out pumpkin

JH Finally, to set the tone in your interior, choose a beautiful pumpkin and let your artistic talent speak by digging it to give it a typical Halloween look. Spider treats, witch cakes, pumpkin lantern ... What have you planned for the evening of October 31? Come and share with us your animation and decoration ideas!