"The Secret Garden" collection by Liberty Art Fabrics at Edmond Petit

"The Secret Garden" collection by Liberty Art Fabrics at Edmond Petit

Inspired by * The Secret Garden * (1911), the famous novel by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the British textile publisher Liberty Art Fabrics signs a new collection of fabrics and wallpapers with Liberty patterns. Favorites to discover at Edmond Petit.

Shand, a beautiful invitation to travel

Liberty Arts Fabrics Inspired by an old Liberty shawl, hand-painted from the mid-19th century, the prints of * Shand * combine ferns, wild leaves and a cashmere motif.

Chapman, a retro tapestry that throws!

Liberty Arts Fabrics * "Each morning, she woke up in her carpeted room" *, it was with reference to this quote from Frances Hodgson Burnett's book that this decoration was created. Tapestry with a retro look, * Chapman * pays tribute to the original Bauhaus tapestry, designed in 1927 by Gunta Stolz.

Wallace, a fabric with a vegetal charm

Liberty Arts Fabrics Faithful to the "Larkspur" motif by Moris (1872), from which he was inspired, * Wallace * dresses this armchair in style in fresh and natural tones.

Rainer, a subtle Liberty print

Liberty Arts Fabrics Similar to fine climbing foliage, * Rainer * offers a print that is as delicate as it is aesthetic. What bring a touch of sweetness in an interior countryside or nature spirit.

Floral Clay, harmony of light floral notes

Liberty Arts Fabrics Designed and painted by hand on the reverse of a vintage Liberty wallpaper before being digitally repeated, * Floral Clay * is a refreshing motif. Here presented on the cushion below, it is similar to a flowerbed and allows to bring the garden into the house.

Faria Flowers, a vibrant floral garden

Liberty Arts Fabrics Big brother of * Floral Clay *, the * Faria Flowers * motif, which sublimates the joy of the bench seat, fits into cozy interiors like an elegant carpet of flowers.

Jeffery, a tribute to the tree of life

Liberty Arts Fabrics Like a secret garden, the * Jeffery * print creates a mysterious atmosphere around the tree of life, a central element of Burnett's book, while imposing its style.