The Atmosphères hotel, a new concept of gallery hotel

The Atmosphères hotel, a new concept of gallery hotel

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Located in the heart of the Latin Quarter, the Atmosphères hotel is a unique concept of hotel that is located halfway between the boutique hotel and the contemporary photography gallery. With the highly sought-after decoration that revolves around the photographs of Thierry des Ouches, each room draws its colors and its theme from the photos on display. 6 themes are developed highlighting the identity and character of Paris: "Nature, By Night, Urban, Monuments, Palace and Macaron".

The Monuments room

Rights Reserved ** In the shades of brown, the Moments de Paris room showcases the biggest cultural places in Paris. In this room we particularly like the royal blue which echoes the French flag. **

The Nature room

Rights Reserved ** In this room, nature is omnipresent, down to the smallest details: bamboo lights, plant motifs on the carpet and wallpaper. An ideal room for a Zen break in the midst of the city bustle! **

The By Night room

Rights Reserved ** This room with a cozy atmosphere invites the visitor to a festive Paris. Purple, black and red immerse the decoration in a special atmosphere like a cabaret. We love the wink for lovers: double-headed shower! **

The breakfast room

Rights Reserved ** The breakfast room is all dressed in black: black benches, black floor, black furniture. A very particular treatment is brought to light. Like the photos of Thierry des Ouches, the tables set up are lit by adjustable spotlights. **

The Urban room

Rights Reserved ** The starting point for the decoration of the Urban rooms: the famous metro tiling which is available in the bathroom. Then, place colors reminiscent of the concrete of the sidewalks for a contemporary and vibrant interpretation of the Parisian streets.

A relaxing break

Rights Reserved ** In the basement of the hotel a relaxation stop is offered: spa with sauna, massage room, fitness room and reading room will allow visitors to relax in a pleasant setting away from the hustle and bustle of the city . **

The Macaron room

Rights Reserved ** With a decoration that is both feminine and refined, the macaroon rooms bet on tender and delicious colors such as whipped cream beige, raspberry pink or pistachio green. **


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