Patrick Nadeau's ideas for integrating orchids into his interior

Patrick Nadeau's ideas for integrating orchids into his interior

Symbolizing femininity and elegance, the orchid has become the essential muse for all interiors. With more than 25,000 varieties, available in many colors, it finds a place of choice in our contemporary worlds. To give you some ideas for integrating it into your home, the editorial team invites you to the blogger Deborah who had the chance to see her living room decorated with a multitude of orchids by plant designer Patrick Nadeau.

Work around plants

Deborah / Atelier de Curiosite Patrick Nadeau essentially seeks to integrate plants into the everyday environment. Between architecture and design, he brings modern forms and plants into harmony. Bet successful here!

A visit to spot

Deborah / Atelier de Curiosite First, the plant designer went to Deborah to soak up the place and the objects in order to imagine the ideal installation for marrying its interior. A first sketch was then sent, revealing a hanging garden between greenhouse and aviary.

Assembly of the structure

Deborah / Atelier de Curiosite Once the team arrived, the structure began to take shape. To mount it in its entirety, choose the location of the orchids and rearrange the decor, it took more than 6:30!

Orchids in all their forms

Deborah / Atelier de Curiosite Slipped into small pockets or suspended in the air, the orchids take on a whole new dimension.

Roots in the water

Deborah / Atelier de Curiosite To keep the flowers alive, some orchids have had their roots immersed in a large vase filled with water.

Transparent threads

Deborah / Atelier de Curiosite Using transparent threads attached to stakes, the orchids could be suspended from the structure imagined by Patrick Nadeau. The latter, thus arranged, seem to fly away. Magic !

Mix species

Deborah / Atelier de Curiosite With over 25,000 varieties, all available in a multitude of colors, the decor possibilities are numerous! So don't be afraid to mix species and colors to create an exotic and refined decor.

Flowers difficult to stage

Deborah / Atelier de Curiosite Orchids, by their majestic size, their bright colors and their different patterns are plants difficult to stage in an interior with an already existing decoration. There is no reason to abandon them! With these few inspirational atmospheres, you will be able to make a good place for them in your home.

A female plant

Deborah / Atelier de Curiosite Elegant, refined, feminine, the orchid has been a real star in our interiors for a few years. This exotic flower has also become a prized and distinguished gift. You know what you have to offer at your next dinner with friends!