Gardening in "fashion" mode is possible!

Gardening in "fashion" mode is possible!

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Not very glamorous to indulge in a gardening assignment? It depends ! With tools combining chic design and practical skills, having a green thumb has never been so trendy!

An all-pink knee rest

Nature & Discovery It is very nice to play valiantly at gardeners, but by dint of kneeling to replant flowers and a vegetable patch, our knees are almost tortured. The miracle cure? A pink, comfortable and girly knee rest!

A pale pink wheelbarrow

Castorama Leaving to go around the garden with a large wheelbarrow in your hands and its kilos of branches or dead leaves on your back, you might as well choose a model as beautiful as it is strong. Result? A powder-coated galvanized wheelbarrow…

A wooden toolbox

Nature & Discoveries Blond wood is very trendy. So when we have the luxury of offering the full range of tools fully dressed in this clear essence, we ensure a garden assignment at the top of aesthetics!

Chewable bookmarks

Nature & Discoveries Another key to the chic attitude of gardening? The super cute bookmarks thanks to which we avoid tangling brushes in the vegetable patch. Writting and girly drawings.

Lilac color tools

Jardiland Between a flower rake, a fruit basket and a lilac-colored transplanter, we take it all! Because garden tools are also a beauty.

Red tools

Leroy Merlin Second series of trendy tools this time dressed in a bright red. Who says gardening isn't sexy?

Fuchsia knife

Jardiland Another tool of fashionista reconverted the time of an afternoon in informed gardener: a galva knife whose handle is fuchsia pink, to remove weeds and to air massive, of course.

A bright red mini broom

Jardiland Between a brilliant purple and a flashy red, this miniature garden broom fits perfectly in our "garden with style" box. So much so that we run to appropriate it!

A glam mower

La Maison de Valérie Leaving to be in gardening clothes, we even pass the mower! And it's even better if it sees red. Glamor in any circumstance, it's possible…


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