Fall told by 10 wallpapers

Fall told by 10 wallpapers

Small selection of wallpapers anchored in the fall trend between patterns of dead leaves, branches, twigs and bare trees. A very poetic perception of the colchicas season by which we are happy to be lulled…

Tree leaves

Miss Print ### We like the intensive graphics of the tree leaves here. Their arty style and their disproportionate size caused a sensation on the walls, and we can only be admiring!

Dead leaves

Graham & Brown ### As the song "Colchics in the meadows" puts it so well, "the autumn leaf blown by the wind" epitomizes the pre-winter season. Reason enough to fall for this green wallpaper on which the tree leaves fall gently.


Sanderson ### Fall is also the season when children (and older children) have fun blowing on dandelions. A flower to which this very poetic wallpaper pays homage!

Golden landscape

Ferm Living ### Difficult to resist these patterns of golden trees looming on the walls of the child's bedroom. As fall as it is crunchy!

Trees in series

Ferm Living ### Here is a second version, just as adorable, of tree patterns in series on the wallpaper. This time, their golden color was traded for a light taupe completely in season.


Ferm Living ### Little crush on these branches growing gracefully on the wallpaper. Playing it a work of art still life version, they ideally soothe the interior.

Bare trees

Fly ### The bare tree trunks alone represent the transition from autumn to winter. If in the landscape, this sparse vegetation tends to give us the blues, on the walls, they only accentuate a chic natural decor.

Birch forest

Koziel ### Forest walks are the favorite entertainment of the season. So much so that the living room door is clad in a birch effect trompe-l'oeil wallpaper that suits her perfectly!


Sanderson ### Last shot of our deciduous trees on the walls before the wind blows! A nice shade of green that keeps spring going until the fall season.