VertBaudet: image presentation of the new fall-winter 2015 collection

VertBaudet: image presentation of the new fall-winter 2015 collection

With its latest collection of furniture for children's bedrooms, VertBaudet leaves it to its customers to reinvent the cocoons of their little ones. Soft colors, smart furniture, careful design and smart storage, discover the brand's fall-winter collection in pictures.

Offices for young and old

VertBaudet Even before reaching the age of school homework, each child needs a desk which will serve as a drawing table for them. Architekt offices in Scandinavian design will delight more than one. Architekt office: 99 euros

Storage in soft colors

VertBaudet To keep clothes and small belongings organized, VertBaudet includes in its new fall-winter 2015 collection this chest of drawers with 6 storage bins. Here in its little version, it sports pretty pastel colors.

Baby's room

VertBaudet Fitting out an infant's bedroom becomes child's play with VertBaudet. If we find a dresser that we like, it becomes easy to transform it into a changing table thanks to the separate changing trays. For baby clothes, the brand offers pretty cupboards with a childish design. Changing station: 49.95 euros One door wardrobe Holidays: 199 euros

A very design range

VertBaudet The Architekt range of the new VertBaudet collection offers children's furniture with a sleek design. Here, the bed and its transverse storage. Architekt bed: 219 euros

A four-in-one bed

VertBaudet The new collection does not forget evolving furniture. The Evolunid four-in-one bed accompanies babies for many years: fully modular, it offers a bed space as well as storage lockers. Evolunid bed: 549 euros

Floor mattresses

VertBaudet For a space of relaxation or reading, VertBaudet offers for sale a series of quilted floor mats with soft prints. Floor mattress: 39.95 euros

A functional and design bed

VertBaudet Here, you can see even better the cross shelves of the Architekt bed from VertBaudet. Lying on their beds, the children will have their stuffed toys and all their books close at hand. Architekt bed: 219 euros

The rounded design of Papillon furniture

VertBaudet The curved lines of the Papillon range beds bring a touch of softness to children's bedrooms. Equipped with storage beneath the mattress, they are also upgradeable and can follow children for many years. Butterfly bed: 249 euros

Pastille evolutionary beds

VertBaudet The Pastille children's beds by VertBaudet have a very simple and refined design. Effective beds that also grow with children. Pastille progressive bed: 249 euros