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The return of white in the kitchen

The return of white in the kitchen

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If colors had gradually taken over in the kitchen, the Maison & Objet fair in September 2012 offered to go back to basics. In the kitchen, this trend goes through a return of white and pure lines for practical and very decorative kitchens. Discover 10 beautiful cuisines that sublime white.

A kitchen with a total white look

Fly To brighten up this kitchen, white is installed from floor to ceiling through walls and furniture. To bring a little depth to the whole, the kitchen facades have camaieu stripes which give relief.

A small white kitchen

Fly If you have a small kitchen, we can only recommend the white which will give a feeling of space in the room by reflecting the light. For fantasy, you can add a colored wall that will energize the whole.

A white and functional kitchen

Fly This functional kitchen combines simplicity with pure forms and a very trendy style by focusing on touches of very light gray which bring out the white of the furniture and the floor.

A warm kitchen

Fly In this kitchen, only the furniture is white. They light up the room and breathe space into the space, which features black walls and beautiful parquet floors. The lacquered finishes of the furniture further accentuate the light.

A kitchen that blends into the wall

Ikea This white kitchen presents itself as the continuity of the white wall perpendicular to the kitchen furniture in order to give a feeling of space. Only the black credenza reminds us that the wall is set back from the furniture.

Professional cooking

Ikea Know that white also evokes professional kitchens for its very clean appearance. It combines perfectly with stainless steel to give a room where hygiene is in the spotlight!

An essential cuisine

Ikea To get back to basics in the kitchen, we put on a very white set to offer a beautiful light to the room. Who says essential also says nature spirit and we integrate for this a wooden worktop and some plants including aromatic herbs so that the decor becomes useful.

A harmonious cuisine

Mobalpa To create a certain harmony in the kitchen, do not hesitate to use the same color for the kitchen furniture and the floor so that it fits best in the room. Then choose a slightly darker color for the walls to make it stand out.

White and wood kitchen

Baker In this universe with very neutral colors from the living room to the kitchen, the wood associated with the white furniture of the kitchen comes to warm the whole and offer an essential design that makes the kitchen a living space.