10 modern wooden kitchens

10 modern wooden kitchens

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Light wood, brown wood, raw wood, the wooden kitchen has reinvented itself by putting in the closet the rustic style more so appreciated today. Do you still doubt that a contemporary wooden kitchen is possible? We prove it to you by ten!

A refined wooden kitchen

Aviva This wood finish kitchen offers a resolutely contemporary look thanks to its clear finishes and its fronts without handles.

On a green wall of water

Ikea Pastel color and light wood, this is a decorative match that works perfectly. To dare without moderation in the kitchen!

Contemporary chalet

Mobalpa All dressed in light wood, this kitchen reminds us of the interior of a small contemporary chalet, warm and friendly. Thanks to its large table, it allows the room to transform into a dining area where the whole family can meet to take meals.

Add splashes of color

Schmidt To give a playful note to your wooden kitchen, it's simple! Choose colored finishes such as yellow, turquoise or orange. The latter then takes a completely different form.

Whitened effect

Cuisinella This light-bleached wood kitchen fits perfectly with the industrial trend associated with anthracite gray elements and stainless steel finishes.

A warm wooden kitchen

Perene This dark wood kitchen alone proves to us that the rustic style that once stuck to its skin is indeed buried. And this is not to displease us!

Light wood x cement tiles

Hygena The association that works every time in the kitchen for a decor full of charm, it is without question the light wood and the cement tiles. We never tire. Not you ?

Brown wood = contemporary

Darty With its central island and its snack plan, this brown wooden kitchen meets all our current needs while sporting a completely modern look. A real favorite.

Wood for a natural spirit

Ikea Want to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle in the kitchen? Bet on this light wooden model that comes with items to grow, reuse, recycle. In total agreement with the desires to return to natural in contemporary interiors!


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