Ideas for landscaping

Ideas for landscaping

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Having a patio is a great opportunity… if you have taken care to arrange it well beforehand. Discover our ideas for landscaping a patio.

With a tree

Maisons du Monde ### Another way to invite nature onto the patio? Plant a tree there! With a large container, it is possible to achieve this without even digging the ground.

With a grass effect carpet

Castorama ### A patio but no garden? What if you cover your floor with a lawn-effect exterior coating? Here's how to grow a lawn in no time and think you're on your patio like in a garden.

With light pots

Leroy Merlin ### As for the "night atmosphere", we think of investing why not, in light pots so as to give life to the patio, even when it is plunged in darkness. Light!

With a family table

Castorama ### It is not excluded to install a dining area on your patio. After all, this small outdoor space nestled in the center of the house is ideal for lunch when the sun is shining.

With a side table

Maisons du Monde ### After the family table, which is not very mobile, we think of the extra dining area. A small table and two / three folding chairs will do the trick. It's easy to store and takes up little space.

With lounge chairs

Ikéa ### One or two deckchairs, a Chilean, a hammock or a lounge chair: this is your patio transformed into a delicious outdoor relaxation area sheltered from the wind.

With color

Maisons du Monde ### More decoration than furnishings, color, especially if it is warm (orange, pink, etc.), can considerably brighten up the patio. Ideal for spreading a healthy glow on the interior.