10 closets that hide a desk

10 closets that hide a desk

Need to save a few square centimeters and hide the clutter of your workspace in a jiffy? And if you organize your office in a cupboard or in a cupboard ... Do you have trouble visualizing? No worries, we have everything planned! Here are 10 ideas to help you find inspiration.

A space dedicated to the computer

Florence Finds In this closet, a whole space is entirely dedicated to your computer. The plus: a sliding tablet that reveals your keyboard and mouse. Convenient ! Source: Florence Finds

Boxes to organize everything

The Crazy Craft Lady If you are not a storage expert, it is important to find a tip to avoid turning your closet-office into a real tote. The idea, very simple, but that works every time: multiply the boxes, small and large to slide everything! You can even tag them for easier reference. Source: The Crazy Craft Lady

A desk under the clothes

Gregory Han No place to set up an office at your place? Too bad, intrude on your closet! Thus organized, you are perfectly equipped. Source: Apartment Therapy

Flowery spirit

Kelly Rae Roberts To give a little relief to your closet transformed into an office, put a floral wallpaper with a strong print on the entire walls. You just have to decorate! Source: Kelly Rae Roberts

With lots of storage

Mood Maybe Shelves, lockers, this large closet could accommodate a desk and a multitude of storage. Designed for the most organized, it will make life easier for those who dare! Source: Mood Maybe


No 29 Design What if you made your office closet super practical? For this, the editorial staff suggests that you paint all the walls with blackboard paint. Ideal for always having an eye on your notes or lists. Source: No 29 Design

For kids

I Heart Organizing Not only for adults, the closet can also be adapted for kids. The proof with this well thought out layout that will (hopefully) make them want to do their homework. Source: I Heart Organizing

Hidden by a curtain

Jennifer Jones If you had to remove the doors from your closet for convenience, attach a rod inside to install a light or colored veil. Have you finished working? Draw the curtain! Source: Apartment Therapy

Hidden in the living room

Jeremy Bittermann Got some work to do? Turn on your lights and get to work on your desk corner. Do you receive people? Quickly, slide the doors and hide your personal space from your guests. Source: NY Times