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Linvosges presents its fall-winter 2015 collection

Linvosges presents its fall-winter 2015 collection

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Silk, linen, cotton, mohair, this winter at Linvosges, all materials are there! Discover all the new products of the household linen brand in pictures without further delay.

Quilted cushions

Linvosges Made of supple and light quilted cotton velvet, these rectangular cushions in sulfur and celadon colors will give your armchair the cocooning touch it lacked. Quilted cushion: 31 euros

Feathers in the bed

Linvosges Leaving your duvet and pillows, feathers are invited this winter on the bed to bring a touch of delicacy to the bedroom. Duvet cover: 135 euros Pillowcase: 26 euros

A refined tablecloth

Linvosges With its pretty lace finish, this white tablecloth signed Linvosges will become the ally of chic and refined dinners. Tablecloth: 89 euros

A soft blanket

Linvosges Seeing this double-sided plaid, one dreams only of one thing: to curl up inside a whole Sunday when the temperatures outside are close to zero. Double face blanket: 65 euros

Silk for sweet nights

Linvosges What if you adopted a superb soft duvet cover for your bed this winter? Duvet cover: 179 euros Pillowcase: 35 euros


Linvosges Warm, cocooning, these 100% fringed mohair throws are to be installed in all rooms of the house. Bedroom, living room, entrance, veranda… keep one always on hand to wrap yourself. Plaid: 149 euros

Small spring flowers

Linvosges You do not want to let winter settle in your room? Go directly to the spring box by betting on this duvet cover with small purple flowers. Duvet cover: 145 euros Pillowcase: 28 euros

Dress the table

Linvosges Out the paper towels! To dress your table nicely when you invite people, prefer cloth napkins. Green, white, rust, beige… the choice of colors is vast. The set of 2 napkins: 12 euros

Scotland trip

Linvosges This winter, take your bedroom to the other side of La Manche, in Scotland, with this duvet cover with an elegant tartan pattern. Duvet cover: 135 euros Pillowcase: 23 euros