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Fall curtains and sheers

Fall curtains and sheers

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Autumn has arrived, a coat of dead leaves on the back, determined to make us rediscover its landscapes of bare trees and its eternal brown earth-colored palette. So much so that the house also changes seasons, notably by changing the decoration of its windows. Demonstration.


Castorama ### Climbing gently on linen curtains, light gray foliage pays tribute to the transition from summer to winter.


Ikéa ### Pretty indigo blue curtains adorned with drawings of poetic trees galore. To make fall his favorite season!


Ikea ### Around the kitchen windows, fragile leaves of green trees seem to mimic the sweet refrain of autumn. Natural softness.


Ikéa ### The curtains are checked. Of Scottish inspiration, these rectilinear lines more "strict" than the summer patterns of last month set the scene. Especially when they dress in beige / brown.

Pecan color

Ikéa ### Back to the sources, back to the element "land". This is what fall is all about. A brown color chart to be infinitely declined, including around the openings. Chic and natural, these have opted for a soft pecan brown.


Ikéa ### In the living room, bare branches of trees create the atmosphere. Sober and elegant, they create a delicious autumnal mood.

Dead leaves

Ikéa ### The fallen leaves of the trees inspired excessive patterns for curtains. The effect is surprising and resolutely natural. Heart stroke.