Special space saving: tips from Téva Déco decorators

Special space saving: tips from Téva Déco decorators

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Many occupants of studios or apartments often remain concerned about saving space. To optimize our spaces as much as possible, the decorators for a day on the Téva Déco show give us their little decor tips. Overview.

A studio with New York accents

Cyril Plotkonoff / Teva ### To find the urban atmosphere of the great New York lofs in a studio, Céline Perrin decides to dress a section of wall with a wallpaper imitation "white brick wall" and hang on the -above the bed an XXL painting of a panoramic view of New York.

Ideas and tips for a more feminine bedroom

Marie Hudelot / Teva ### Bursting with ideas, Angélique favors white wall shelves with invisible fixings on each side of the chimney flue and around the desks. A tip that visually lightens the walls to provide a chic and feminine room.

Identify two spaces in a living room

Cyril Plotkonoff / Teva ### When the main room is open to the kitchen and the living room, a touch of yellow is the solution to establish the link between the two spaces. According to Thierry, this shade symbolizing optimism contrasts perfectly with the poppy red in the kitchen and the light gray in the living room.

A 3 in 1 stay

D'Home Productions ### In a 3 in 1 living room, it is important to distinguish the three spaces: the entrance, the living room and the dining room. Our decorator Marine Reliquet is inspired by the specific requests of Bérengère and traces 30 cm above the ground, a brown band allowing to lengthen and emphasize the room.

A parental bedroom / baby bedroom

Aurélien Faidy / Teva ### The challenge for Angèle Galtier is to separate the same room into two distinct universes: the modern space for parents and the cozy space for babies. His advice to remedy this situation is to repel the parent corner by an ingenious system of Japanese panels giving each of the two spaces real privacy.

A very high fashion student lounge

D'Home Productions ### Marine, a young student, asked the Téva Déco team for a "haute couture" salon that resembles her. Our tip? Bring a note of femininity and sensuality by accentuating the piece of red accessories: pouffe, lamp, table, cushions and curtains.

Arrange an office area in a living room

Téva Déco ### To make the office corner of the living room stand out, the Teva Déco stylist decided to play with lighting by installing an adjustable accent lamp that warms and softens the room.

Revive the decor of a studio

Téva Déco ### As a separation between the kitchen and the living room, Anne, our stylist, chose to opt for a bar table. Multifunctional, this soft wood bar table extends the worktop and remains a new space for cooking, eating or even working.

A studio with a strong personality

D'Home Productions ### Thibault was not satisfied with his studio which, according to him did not reflect his personality too much. To personalize the place, the decorator at Téva Déco chooses to paint a large plaque in blue, which she sticks against the wall as a headboard. It dramatizes it by a strip of white light-emitting diodes which provides maximum lighting.