Workshops of budding artists: make way for creativity!

Workshops of budding artists: make way for creativity!

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A space where children give free rein to their creativity? We are for! Listed as "budding artist workshops", the inspirations that follow give pride of place to colors, imagination, drawing, coloring and painting ... Everything to encourage them to express themselves freely using brushes, markers and pencils!

Art Gallery

Ikea To enhance their artistic side, the good idea is to exhibit their drawings as if they were works of art, in gallery mode.

Drawing on the wall

Ikea Nothing better for the wall decoration of the "creation" corner than to be preconceived by the little hands of toddlers who are constantly activating. Playful coloring and XXL drawings with key!

Personalized furniture

Ikea What if we painted a pretty fresco on the tasteless furniture in the children's room? They will be happy to help us! Especially since the result, faithful to their favorite universe (boat at sea, princess castle, enchanted forest ...), should also fill them.

Mural coloring

Serendipity On the wall, a coloring-type wallpaper allows children to color the walls according to their moods and desires. Chic!

Artists in the plural

Ikéa After the office option, the artist seeds workshop opted for a mini table that could accommodate siblings, cousins, cousins, friends, girlfriends! Because for many, indulging in a painting or drawing assignment is even more fun!

Floor painting

Ikéa The Beaux-arts space for children can also be improvised on the floor. Especially when they tackle a "fresco" or "painting" assignment. Only one condition: protect it well!

Smart storage

Ikéa Beneath the liftable desk top, the artistic material is both tidy, handy and very discreet. Hat the artist!

Creative office

Ikéa An office furnished with everything you need to paint and draw is the absolute dream of any artist in the making. Hanging pencil pots, good lighting, practical storage, you have to think of everything!

Artist palette

Ikéa To emphasize the "creative corner" style, we do not hesitate to stage the color palettes, brushes and caps of paint cans! Arty decor when you hold us…


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