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Visit the bird hill floral park

Visit the bird hill floral park

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The bird hill floral park tells the story of an old municipal dump that has become a green and flowery park, offering a superb panorama of the city of Caen. How could such a mutation have happened? To do this, we have to go back to the early 1970s, when the start-up of the new incineration plant made it necessary to ask the question of the future of the old installation which, originally located in the immediate vicinity of the city, ended up being integrated in favor of urban development. The idea of ​​the park was born then. To bring it to life, it will take significant inputs of topsoil to cover the rubbish deposits, before being able to undertake no less extensive planting campaigns. Inaugurated on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Landing, the bird hill floral park aims to be a place of relaxation and leisure, but also a place to raise awareness of sustainable development. Having managed to see the light of day without denying its history, it is today an essential place for the inhabitants of the agglomeration, with its 17 landscaped hectares comprising an exceptional rose garden, a vast body of water as well as numerous leisure spaces . It also offers a very beautiful panorama of the city of Caen. To discover from May to September!

Hill view

Bird hill hill floral park ## "Miniature Normandy" In the far east, the park hosts a "miniature Normandy" equipped with a lake and landscaping representing the contours of Normandy in the scale 1 / 1000th.

Summer rose garden

Bird hill hill floral park ## The rose garden The opportunity to host the Floralies will be an accelerator vis-à-vis the park project. Eighteen months of intense work will precede the official inauguration on April 29, 1994. From this date, a second life is offered at this place so long decried.


Bird hill hill floral park ## The rose garden basin The work undertaken in anticipation of the Floralies gave rise in particular to the creation of a rose garden with a pond. On June 18, 1994, the place welcomed the baptism of a new rose named "A Caen la paix", a rose that became the plant symbol of this park dedicated to peace.

Würzburg World Garden

Hill Birds Floral Park ## The old garbage dumps now vegetated Until winter 1990, the municipality will undertake extensive greening operations on the old banks. The other ambitious municipal projects make it possible to supply the park with topsoil, like the Ornano stadium, whose earthworks will provide 100,000 m3 of earth to the mounds of the new park. The slopes will then be planted with plants from the different countries involved in the liberation of Europe.

Garden of the world Thiès

Bird hill floral park ## A place dedicated to sustainable development The former landfill, completely transfigured, now houses a green park that draws on its past to educate its 360,000 annual visitors about sustainable development.

Norman farm

Bird hill floral park ## The animal park In 2009, the floral park enriched its range of facilities with a "Norman farm" which presents many local species (donkeys, pigs) to the public.


Bird hill floral park ## An essential place for walking and leisure Today, the face of the bird hill park is that of a pleasant 17 hectare green and flowered area in the immediate vicinity of the city of Caen.

Waste cave

Bird hill floral park ## The waste cave In November 2011, the "waste cave" was inaugurated. This space houses a section on the old landfill. With numerous explanatory panels, it is a tool for raising public awareness of the topic of waste.