Villa Bougainville: An exuberant and exotic Boutique Hotel in Nice

Villa Bougainville: An exuberant and exotic Boutique Hotel in Nice

A stone's throw from Nice Ville train station, in the famous musicians' district, there is an extraordinary establishment in the lush style of the Belle Époque and the "madness" of Nice. Responding to the sweet name of Villa Bougainville, in homage to Louis Antoine de Bougainville, great navigator and explorer of the 18th century, the hotel describes an exotic, whimsical and unexpected universe. Discover in pictures this exceptional place tastefully decorated by Atelier Coste et Butin!

A wall of frames

Hotel Villa Bougainville It is difficult to make more beautiful than the inventions of nature. The proof with this pretty wall of frames made on the theme of fauna and flora. A beautiful way to cultivate your decor like a naturalist.

Wraparound and graphic suspensions

Hôtel Villa Bougainville Nothing better to catch the eye than pretty pendant lights. In accumulation for a spectacular effect or to hang for a bucolic effect, they are all good!

Golden Girls

Hôtel Villa Bougainville For a good start to the day, passing guests will not hesitate to come and have breakfast or sip a juice, comfortably seated on these elegant black chairs. Their retro look makes us completely capsize!

An aerial suspension

Hôtel Villa Bougainville Incredibly aerial and graphic, we fall in love with this magnificent light sculpture which, by its singular and dreamlike presence, adorns the restaurant room.

Green temptation

Hôtel Villa Bougainville What could be better than a wallpaper with plant motifs to get away from it all? The Villa Bougainville hotel has understood this! The proof here with these two wall coverings, exotic to perfection! Perfect to feel like in a greenhouse among plants or in the heart of the jungle! The dream !

Curious nature

Hôtel Villa Bougainville Double or single room, the forty six rooms immerse passing guests in a colorful and vegetal universe inherited from the "Exotic Folies".

An exotic decor

Hôtel Villa Bougainville A miracle remedy for the gloomy winter, each of the rooms is adorned with wood furniture, vibrant colors, reassuring materials and plant prints. Change of scenery guaranteed!

Explosion of nature

Hôtel Villa Bougainville Between flora and fauna, these pretty domes play on the jungle and the tropics. Between patterns of birds and plants, it is the palm that wins all the palms!

Relief, still relief

Hotel Villa Bougainville Very fashionable this season, 3D tiling is also invited on the walls of the bathroom of the Villa Bougainville hotel. A touch of originality rather welcome!