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Return to the natural in the living room

Return to the natural in the living room

It's back to school! Around us, the world is agitated, and we have only one desire: to return to the sources, to be lulled by a natural sweetness. Starting with the living room, central room of the house.

Scandinavian decor

Ikéa ### Nordic inspiration for this very light wooden living room. If it soothes our senses, it is thanks to its minimalist decor bias, the softness of its shapes, its materials and its colors.

Plant decoration

Ikéa ### While ferns and very arty leaf patterns adorn the lounge chair, flowery cushions brighten up the sofa. Here, the vegetal touch is synonymous with good-looking decor. A clever way to create a spring atmosphere a few days from autumn.

Fall decor

Ikéa ### Nice tribute to autumn on this sofa corner surrounded by dead leaf patterns on the plates serving as wall decor, on the curtains and on the cushions.

Woody decor

Goal ### Fully furnished with blond wood, this living room meets our natural desires. Also discover the green notes and the plant motifs which subtly awaken the decor.

Greenery decor

Ikéa ### Grass carpet imitation grass, striped cushions in a gradient of greens, leaf-colored curtains adorned with plant and plant motifs on the chest of drawers… by increasing the number of green spaces in the living room, it is easy to promote the well- to be…

Soft decoration

Ikéa ### Seagrass, beige sofa and wooden frames create a dominant natural beige in the living room, ideal for planting a very soft decor in which you want to snuggle up.

Khaki decor

Leroy Merlin ### Discreet but very present, the natural spirit of this show is felt through a subtle variation of khaki green notes, scattered here and there, on the bench, on the armchair, on the walls ...