Bosch: presentation of the new "small household appliances" 2015-2016

Bosch: presentation of the new "small household appliances" 2015-2016

Looking for new household appliances? Take a look at the new Bosch products presented exclusively this morning: pro robot at low prices, vacuum cleaner without silent bag, juicer with integrated carafe, new Tassimo ... here in pictures what awaits you at the start of the school year.

Select the grinding size

This Bosch mini chopper is the very first to offer budding cooks the selection of the desired grinding size: small, medium or large. Thanks to very resistant blades, you can even grind coffee beans, nuts or even crushed ice. ErgoMixx and VarioChopper MSM66146 white / gray mixer: 79.99 euros

A silent vacuum cleaner

The new Bosch bagless vacuum cleaner has been designed and optimized to offer hyper-efficient operation while being incredibly quiet. Tested and approved by the editorial staff! Relaxx'x ProSilence BGS5230S vacuum cleaner: 449.99 euros

A hand blender for those in a hurry

Thanks to a very fine mini-foot, this better plunge makes it possible to mix small quantities such as sauces or baby preparations. It can also be used directly in small containers! The plus: it comes in several colors, each more joyful than the other. CleverMixx MSM2413V hand blender: 44.99 euros

A functional mixer

With 5 speeds and a Pulse function, this light mixer allows you to obtain a more generous volume for all your preparations. We also let ourselves be seduced by its sleek and colorful design. ErgoMixx StartLine mixer - MFQ36300I Orange: 45.99 euros

A compact and versatile robot

Many people do not pass the robot course for lack of space in their kitchen. With this new compact model (all the accessories can be stored directly in the bowl) and ultra versatile, you will no doubt change your mind. The plus of the black and stainless steel model: a mini coffee grinder that allows you to grind coffee beans, spices, nuts… effortlessly. And even to make icing sugar! MultiTalent robot MCM3501M black / stainless steel: 119.99 euros - MCM3200W white: 99.99 euros

A refined juicer

Here's a great idea! This elegant and design juicer has a very practical integrated carafe. The latter can thus be placed directly on the breakfast table and keeps your fresh fruit juices thanks to its cover. VitaStyle citrus juicer Citro MCP72GMB: 109.99 euros

A new Tassimo machine

New design for the Tassimo Caddy coffee maker! For this end of the year, you can count on its pretty chrome finishes. The latter also has two pod dispensers to have everything close at hand in the morning! TASSIMO CADDY Black: 149.99 euros

Successful whipped cream

Thanks to sensors that constantly measure the consistency of the cream, you can let your robot take care of everything without having to check how your preparation is doing every minute. In addition, the latter stops automatically once the whipped cream is ready. Super practical! Kitchen Machine MUMXX20T: 814.99 euros

An intuitive steam generator

Bosch To make your life easier when ironing the laundry for the whole family, Bosch has designed an intuitive steam generator with 8 preset programs. Each one adapts to a particular fabric (cotton, silk, wool ...), practical, right? Sensixx TDS38 steam generator iron: 304.99 euros