10 trendy white rooms

10 trendy white rooms

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Want to create a relaxing atmosphere, a refined but warm atmosphere in your bedroom? Well, the editorial staff advises you to play the card of white monochrome. And, to inspire you and help you find your happiness, here are 10 pretty atmospheres of rooms all dressed in white. White is the new black!

A clean white room

Ikea Placed under the sign of minimalism, this room, all dressed in white, offers an atmosphere conducive to calm and relaxation. Between clean lines and counting, we literally fall for this atmosphere. And to give a little relief to the whole, we adopt a beautiful graphic gray carpet.

A cozy white bedroom

La Redoute From the greenery to the balcony, a pretty white bedding set, a few soft cushions, a thick duvet, a headboard decorated with little nails ... And if that was happiness in the end? All that's missing is breakfast in bed and we're overwhelmed, aren't you?

A white bedroom in a studio

Ikea Who says small space, says space saving. And what could be better than a mezzanine with contemporary lines to gain square meters in style. And to create an impression of volumes, we play the card of white monochrome.

A white room with touches of pink

Maisons du Monde Our little ones are also entitled to their white-clad bedroom. But to satisfy them as much as possible and satisfy their desires for color, we opt for a few touches, skillfully dispersed: a cushion, pretty boxes, a few toys and trinkets… We often think of pink for girls and blue for boys but we can also opt for a beautiful almond green, very soft and unisex.

An immaculate white room

Ikea Bohemian atmosphere in this room full of poetry. The imposing wooden bed and the accumulation of cushions make the atmosphere conducive to relaxation and calm. The dressing table, the dancer's tutu and the spikes hanging from the window reinforce this impression of soft fullness.

A graphic white room

La Redoute In this room, we love the graphic bed set with its pretty tiles, we love the very designer nesting tables as a bedside table and we urgently adopt the mouse gray adaptable table lamp. The most decorative? The touches of gray and taupe that warm the whole.

A white bedroom / dressing room

Ikea A real decorative favorite for this room, furnished with care and cunning. Here, white is white: from the large double bed to the dressing room, including the bed linen, the chair, the pendant lamp, and even the clothes.

A romantic white bedroom

La Redoute Romantic ambiance, a touch of bohemian in this room. Simply decorated, this is a room where life and rest are good. The nice decorative detail? A flower offered by the lover, and arranged in a sober and delicate vase on the chest of drawers. Romantic isn't it?

A white and colorful room

Bemz Finally, if you are not a fan of the total white look, do not panic! You can also decorate your room with a few pretty touches of color here and there: a graphic plaid, a blue bedside table ... You can even play the card of fluorescent by painting the feet of your bed in Stabilo yellow.


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