10 things to put under glass bells

10 things to put under glass bells

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1. Sublimate a bell with a light garland


The glass bell is now part of the decoration of the house, so when it comes to garnish it with a decoration, why not opt ​​for garlands? Simply fill the bell with a small light garland. Prefer a bell with a glass base with handle to light up your decor!

2. Install a skull in a bell for a cabinet of curiosities decor


Do you know the cabinets of curiosity? Why not take inspiration from it for highlight your glass bell. Place a small skull and crossbones in a glass bell and you get a surprising decoration. This decoration can take place on a shelf or enhance a piece of furniture.

3. Install a glass bell on a flower


Want a romantic atmosphere in the decor ? Fall for this ephemeral bell decoration. Obtain or have flowers offered and place them under the glass cover. In this way, flowers such as roses will stay protected from dust. The flowers under bell become timeless and poetic!

4. Keep a retro object under a glass bell


Fans of vintage objects will be delighted to learn that they can place their favorite finds in the heart of a transparent glass bell. The glass globe is a decorative object in its own right, however, it can sublimate a figurine, a clock and all other collectibles. The transparent glass bell protects your retro objects while offering them a theatrical look!

5. Arrange a decoration with a glass bell and exotic plants


You loved the terrarium trend? This time, you're going to fall backwards when discovering that exotic plants love to be in glass bells. In fact, exotic plant species like tropical climates, in other words humidity and heat. Precisely, the bell allows to reproduce a micro climate conducive to the development of these plants. Mix styles of glass bells and install your plants under the lid for an urban jungle spirit. Just think of aerating the plants from time to time ...

6. Crack for a cactus under a glass bell


Speaking of plants, did you know that cacti like to settle in a glass bell ? It is however very true! On the desk, the table or the shelf, the bell and its cactus find their place everywhere! Obviously, for a guaranteed effect, it is better to choose a bell size decorative adapted to the cactic plant. In addition, the cactus must be ventilated to stay in top shape.

7. Enjoy the beauty of an Aloe Vera under a decorative bell


Aloe Vera is also included in this list of 10 things to install under a glass bell. Practical and appreciated for its benefits for the skin and the body, aloes decorate with elegance. Small, medium or large, it comes in different sizes to nest more easily under a glass bell. It's an opportunity to bring some sunshine into the house!

8. Composing a still life to highlight a glass bell


If you appreciate authentic decorations inspired by the countryside, why not compose a natural decoration under your glass bell. A little moss and branches, you get an original still life, able to enhance the surfaces of your furniture. Branches, foliage and other materials will bring a slightly rustic character.

9. Put delicious cookies under a bell


The bell can also help you keep your cookies while decorating your interior. In addition, to stay fresh and crunchy the cookie needs to be placed in a container. That's why, it's time to kill two birds with one stone by placing all your gourmet and sweet creations under a glass bell. Practical, aesthetic and attractive!

10. Make a holiday decoration with a glass bell


When the time comes to celebrate the end of the year, what could be better than a table decoration made by hand? The glass bell is the ideal support for a scented candle ... Nevertheless, it is just as pretty filled with a DIY! Take inspiration from this bell with bluish decoration, inspired by the arctic, to create a unique table decoration with a glass bell, on the occasion of Christmas and New Year.


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