10 recovered ideas for the garden

10 recovered ideas for the garden

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To give a decorative air to your garden without unnecessary expense or waste, recycling is ideal! With a few tips, you will be able to breathe new life into a few objects to make them garden stars. We invite you to discover 10 ideas to remember.

Gardening in crates

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions Wooden crates are very easy to collect on the markets for example. If the crates have a good size, you can then use them to create tubs for the vegetable patch. Play the accumulation for the decorative effect.

Wooden planks to create a shelter

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions If you want to shelter your garden tools or your mower from the rain, simply use a few wooden planks that you will nail together to create a small shelter. For the decorative aspect, you can climb ivy on a wall of the cabin. Need space to store your equipment? Find hundreds of offers on our price comparison site to buy a garden shed.

Buckets as a pot

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions To grow your plants, you don't need to buy flower pots because you can use a large bucket, for example. You will then get a practical and decorative diverted flower pot.

Paint trucks in the garden

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions Similarly, if you have just carried out painting work at home, do not throw the trucks, these buckets which are used to contain the painting, because they will make excellent flower pots. In addition, their handles will allow you to hang them anywhere.

An original bench

Arenas Collection What if you showed some originality to create your own garden furniture? Collect pieces of wood during your walks and accessorize a simple board by adding a thick mattress to create a very natural and especially unique bench! Wood, wrought iron or tech: a whole range of garden benches available on our price comparison!

Recovered garden furniture

La Cabane de l'ours For your deckchairs and other deckchairs, think of salvaging by hunting your furniture. You can then give it a facelift by repainting it or simply keep it in its own juice for a very trendy retro look.

Indoor furniture for the garden

Maisons du monde If you need a shelf to store your gardening equipment, no need to buy one because an old model for the interior will do!

An artisanal path

Castorama To create an alley which will lead you to the door of your house, you can collect planks which you will place at regular intervals so that one sets foot there. The rendering is quite natural and original but above all inexpensive.

A vegetable garden in a wheelbarrow

Jardins, Jardin / D'home Productions To offer you an original and mobile vegetable patch, bet on an old wheelbarrow which will serve as your vegetable patch. You can plant flowers but also fruits and vegetables on the condition that these do not require a lot of soil.


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