Colorful credenzas for playful cuisine!

Colorful credenzas for playful cuisine!

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To add pep's to the kitchen, nothing like a touch of color that will enhance the whole room. We can then choose a colorful and very decorative splashback. Red, yellow, or blue, you just have to choose!

Mustard yellow splashback

Comprex For an invigorating atmosphere, which exudes good humor, bet on a mustard yellow splashback. And, for more effect, extend it on your worktop to create a nice contrast with the facades in neutral color.

A raspberry credenza

Monmaurt For a cuisine full of gluttony and freshness, opt for a raspberry splashback. The good idea: play with the palette of roses in your room to make the kitchen vibrate, with ease.

A blue and white credenza

Castorama Who said that the color blue had no place in the kitchen? Dressed in blue and white octagons, this kitchen is proof that blue adapts to all styles: seaside, contemporary or retro. So you have no reason not to let yourself be tempted!

A marble credenza

Iris Ceramica France Star of the kitchen, this elegant credenza in white marble plays on continuity with the worktop and brings a feeling of calm and sobriety in the room. An interesting bias that did not go unnoticed by the editorial staff.

An abstract credenza

C ma credenza Break the rules and dare the primary colors in the kitchen. With a splashback in red, blue, white and yellow abstract patterns and black and white furniture it will be flawless! But, will you be tempted?

A printed glass credenza

Schmidt And here is a kitchen splashback in tempered glass with a black floral print that you will not hesitate to install in your kitchen. See rather!

A gold and golden credenza

Ikea For all those who think that pink and gold do not mix well or that this association gives a too romantic look to our rooms, here is a kitchen that should prove them wrong. Its decor secret: the fridge and a section of its wall have been customized using golden adhesive tape. The result: the most daring arty cuisine.

A copper splashback

Castorama Exit the too classic credenza with white tiles! Bet on a trendy color, like this copper textured mosaic, which will be the assurance of a real design decoration! Combined with wood or warm materials and colors, it will look great!

A mix & match splashback

The boutique of the great circus This year again, the trend is mismatched. Goodbye, then, a solid credenza and make way for inversions and mixtures with this imitation cement tiles credenza for a retro kitchen, right on trend!

A splashback in purple

Mobalpa Both feminine and very contemporary in color, purple is sure to energize a kitchen. It is applied on the credenza and can easily be combined with contemporary wooden furniture and touches of stainless steel.

A yellow credenza

Conforama Yellow is the undeniable color to awaken a slightly bland kitchen! Sunny and vitamin-rich, yellow will brighten up the space with just a few touches. We associate a yellow splashback with a white kitchen and some gray accessories.

An orange credenza

Conforama Warm atmosphere guaranteed with an orange splashback. We apply this strong color to the splashback and we put on neutral colors for the rest of the room so that each color highlights the other.

A pink credenza

Alinéa Fancy a feminine touch in the kitchen? Why not paint your splashback in a soft, gourmet pink? With white furniture, this color will bring warmth and cheerfulness to the whole.

A green splashback

Alinea Tart and vitamin-based cuisine guaranteed with a splashback in a beautiful apple green. To bring a real pop touch to the room, you can even spread the color of the splashback on the rest of the wall.

A red credenza

Lapeyre Do you like spicy cuisine? Red is for you! It will not fail to give character to your kitchen by settling on the splashback. To accentuate this effect, you can also use it on the worktop to create continuity between the two elements.

A splashback in different shades of blue

Alinéa Blue also finds its place on the credenza and even becomes the scene of a mural. On this painted wall, we have indeed added tiles decorated in a shades of blue / green. Deco effect guaranteed!

A gray credenza

Julien Even if gray is not a color properly speaking, it will however have the most beautiful effect on your credenza by bringing chic and elegance. Very trendy, it combines easily with the rest of your kitchen furniture.

A black credenza

Purpose If your walls are brightly colored, you can opt for black for your splashback to create a contrast effect. The most decorative? Choose blackboard paint to be able to write your recipes. Note that this type of paint also exists in raspberry color.

A white credenza

Hygena If you want to keep white for your splashback, you can play with the materials to delimit this space. For example, opt for very bright white glass that will contrast with the furniture and reflect the other colors of the room.

A striped credenza

Ikea We love this splashback in tiling which has bet on different shades to create a decor with stripes. In no time, it revitalizes this refined cuisine where white predominates.

A green splashback

Ikea Soft, delicate, green water brings a real dose of lightness, whatever the room in which you dare. In the kitchen, combined with white furniture and blond wood, it brings a real touch of tenderness. We love !

A turquoise credenza

Goal Very trendy this season, turquoise invites painting in the kitchen to create a truly unique splashback. With dark gray furniture, it brings a real more natural to the decor.

A brown credenza

Schmidt Have you chosen cloud blue kitchen furniture and are having trouble choosing the color of the splashback? We really like this chocolate brown which brings a little warmth to the whole.

A stainless steel splashback

Schmidt What a great idea to modernize this brown wooden kitchen with a stainless steel splashback! And to push the envy to the end, we also choose some storage furniture and a hood in the same materials.

A cement tile splashback

Ikea We fall for this credenza in cement tiles which brings a lot of authenticity to the kitchen. An oriental touch, a retro touch, this is a real charming asset in the room!

A multicolored credenza

Leroy Merlin For a colorful splashback in the kitchen, adopt these mosaic plates with multicolored reflections without further delay. Sure it will have its small effect!

A wooden credenza

Leroy Merlin We don't often see them, and yet the wooden splashboards are a real warmer touch in the kitchen. What we like about this particular model is the possibility of sliding shelves into slots fitted for this purpose. It's up to you to compose your functional credenza according to your needs and your desires!

A moss green splashback

Schmidt For a very natural atmosphere, opt for a large moss green wall in the kitchen. It fits perfectly with white lacquered and stainless steel furniture.

A customizable credenza

Leroy Merlin We are totally a fan of this white magnetic board splashback on which you can give free rein to your desires. Pictures here, little words there, that's a nice idea to make the kitchen happy!


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