Decorative photos: bedroom decoration ideas

Decorative photos: bedroom decoration ideas

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A colorful bedroom decor


Do you want pep's and dynamism in your sleeping area? No problem: the colors are there for that! And so that the decor of your room releases a maximum of positive waves, do not hesitate to multiply the touches of warm colors (yellow, orange, red, pink, electric blue, apple green, etc.) whether at the level of your bed linen, or the decoration you want to hang on the wall!

A white and gold bedroom decor


For a refined, sober and elegant bedroom decor, don't bother looking for noon to two o'clock: go for white, THE color of purity par excellence. For a very soft white room that calls for serenity, be rather minimalist in terms of furniture and decoration: put only the bare essentials (in white tones of course), and bring a touch of sparkle with a few golden decor elements.

A design and cozy bedroom decor


In the collective imagination, the rooms with designer decor are rather cold, with a dominant of cold colors and chromed metal. But it is not compulsory, and it is quite possible to imagine a design bedroom in a cozy version: it is enough to bet on trendy decorative pieces (such as a lamp with copper base), lines simple highlighted by deep colors (here gray and blue) and a decor anything but overloaded.

A country house type bedroom decor


Do you want a 100% cozy sleeping area in which you will feel out of place? No need for that to decorate your room in a super-exotic way: you can simply decorate it like country house, with wood, light colors (2 dominant colors maximum so as not to tire the look, here yellow and gray ) and simple furniture.

A loft-style bedroom decor


If you want to adopt a loft-style bedroom decor, you must first of all:

  • Large workshop style canopies to let in as much light as possible;
  • A dominant of metal and chrome;
  • And pleasant but functional furniture, without fuss!

A natural bedroom decor


In this room decorated under the sign of plants, everything reminds us of nature: already, the many potted plants placed all over the room (on bedside tables, shelves, on the floor), but also on bed linen and in the frames above the bed. A perfect bedroom decor for nature lovers!

A contrasting bedroom decor


If you dream of a room decor full of character and with a strong identity, do not be afraid to play with contrasting colors and hues. Here, for example, the garnet on the wall is perfectly highlighted by the midnight blue of the velvet armchair and the gray of the bed linen, which perfectly match the golden mirror and bedside table! Perfect balance.

A Zen bedroom decor


The 3 essentials for a Zen style bedroom decor?

  1. Soft and soothing colors;
  2. A minimalist decor with some references to Zen culture (statuettes, tea service, etc.);
  3. Lots of natural light.

And voila !


Sometimes, to create an atmosphere in a room, all it takes is a detail. Here, it is the wall painted in faded blue which sets the tone for the whole room. The decor in a shades of blue only has to follow!

A room decorated with plants


You find your bedroom decoration a little too simple and wise and you do not know how to bring it a little twist that would change everything? Bet on a winning combo that has proven itself: an avalanche of potted plants to put directly on the ground (they will bring color and dress up the space) and well-made bed linen to energize it all.

A room with an unusual woody decor


If you like wood as a material for a room, do not hesitate to use it worked in furniture or decoration… but also as it is: a few logs of wood stored in a locker in a room, nothing like it to make its small effect!

A room with rustic decor


For an original bedroom decor full of character, trust the rustic style: wooden furniture, predominantly gray (both on the floor and for the decor or the headboard) and don't be afraid to opt for a strong room (here the table with ducks) to establish the style of the room.

A room with gray and pink decor


Another effective way to give an identity to a room, is to go on a monochrome for the whole decoration of the room (here, the gray), and to gently counterbalance it with a much more flashy color for bring contrast. Guaranteed wow effect.

A feminine and nude bedroom decor


For an elegant and full of character feminine bedroom placed under the sign of nude, you need:

  • Soft colors;
  • Soft materials;
  • Cocooning decor (plaids, cushions, etc.) to bring ... softness!

A rough bedroom decor


To have the impression of living in an old abandoned factory, prefer salvage rooms (such as bedside tables made of cases of wine), mottled furniture and raw materials (whether on the walls, on the floor, or in terms of decoration, like a wooden board that serves as a green wall).

A classic bedroom decor


If you're more of a classic in everyday life, opt for a bedroom decor that suits you: with traditional furniture, a functional layout, rather neutral colors, and that's it!

A room with wooden / brown decor


Do you want to honor a warm, natural and authentic material in the decoration of your room? Say yes to wood! Whether for suspensions (bamboo sconces), furniture (bedside tables, folding screen, end of bed) or decoration (branches), it immediately gives a cozy side to the room. Especially if it is completed with bed linen in ocher and brown tones.

A decoration for a small bedroom


To successfully decorate a small bedroom, do not hesitate to play the sobriety card ... but in parallel with some very strong pieces to give character to the room, such as for example:

  • An XXL headboard;
  • A large mirror placed just next to the bed to enlarge the room.

A bright bedroom decor


To bring light and sparkle in the decoration of a bedroom, nothing like investing in a light garland, to hang above the bed like a shower of stars that will accompany you to the Dreamland !

A bohemian bedroom decor


You want to find THE decorative piece that will give a bohemian side to the decoration of your room? Look no further, and roll onto a hanging four-poster bed. Crazy design and original, with such a room in your room, you no longer need other decorative elements to do the job!


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