20 very decorative wooden houses

20 very decorative wooden houses

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As much appreciated for their ecological side as for their natural style, wooden houses are the new darlings of architectural agencies. Witness the 20 inspiring photos we found on Pinterest.

A sliding bay

Lina Németh To enter this pretty wooden house, you don't need a door. It is a large sliding bay that welcomes owners and visitors alike. Source: Archdaily

A wall of bay windows

Hudson Woods For the light to penetrate this superb wooden house, the main facade has been entirely designed in glass. Source: Hudson Woods


Miceman Imagined with several wooden cubes linked with each other, this house in the middle of the forest is a real eye-catcher. Source: Miceman

A small wooden house

Amanda Kowalski To find yourself in the middle of nature to unwind, nothing like a small wooden house with breathtaking views of lakes and forests. Source: Ideasgn

An open wooden house

Democratic Underground This open house, built entirely of wood, reminds us of a large carousel, doesn't it? Source: Democratic Underground

A wooden house on the beach

Cabin Porn This wooden house located on the beach presents a most surprising design. Source: Cabin Porn

A shed-style wooden house

Courtesy of Becker Architekten This huge wooden house reminds us more of a hangar than a place to live. Why not original premises to accommodate offices? Source: Archdaily

Glass and wood

Decoist When glass and wood meet, this gives this house on three floors with a rather atypical look. Source: Decoist

A Swedish house

Hans Nerstu At the editor, we are literally under the spell of the Swedish wooden houses which display a warm red color. Traditional and authentic. Source: Flickr

A house on stilts

Ricardo Oliveira Alves Climbing on stilts, this wooden house takes on its full scale once installed in the middle of the forest. Source: Archdaily

A wooden terrace-terrace

Wolfgang Rescuers Perfectly integrated into the decor, this wooden house has chosen to extend its floor so as to create a terrace. A great idea to reuse! Source: Just the Design

A contemporary country house

Yellowtrace Placed in the middle of a meadow, this black wooden house is the contemporary touch that we did not expect! Source: Yellowtrace

Mix glass and wood on the facades

Mark Mahaney The owners of this house have chosen to mix large panels of glass and wood for the construction of their house. Ideal so that light has no trouble doing its work indoors. Source: Dwell

A surprising house

The Plaid Zebra Like a cabin designed on several floors, this wooden house gives us real desires to escape. Source: The Plaid Zebra

Wooden floor and ceiling

Fancy To bring a warm touch to this glass cube, only the floor and the ceiling have been imagined in glass. Source: Fancy

A log house

Olgga Architects This is another way to build a wooden house having fun directly with the rough logs! Source: Archdaily

A futuristic wooden house

UID Architects With its clean lines and futuristic look, this wooden house will delight lovers of modernity and architecture. Source: Architizer

An unusual house

Nowness Traditional and at the same time completely extravagant, this black wooden house will surprise more than one! Source: Nowness

A design house

Coquet bars Manufactured in length and along a swimming corridor, this designer wooden house makes us want to go on vacation. Source: Coquet Bars