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10 ideas to revamp your interior

10 ideas to revamp your interior

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Before summer ends, we take advantage of the last days of summer to put our interior back to school time by changing the decor in a jiffy. We are revealing 10 tips to give your pieces a new look and get the new season off to a good start.

Revitalize your interior with paint

Leroy Merlin If you don't want to completely repaint your room, you can still use paint to create a new decorative effect. To do this, choose a color that contrasts and simply paint the interior doors and woodwork to make them stand out.

Paint accessories

Julien In the house, it's not just the walls that count! You can give your old radiators a new look by using a dedicated paint. You will see that this little detail will make all the difference by offering a coherent interior.

Give the kitchen a new look

Julien Once the kitchen is repainted, you can give it a new decorative touch by betting on the splashback. This part between the worktop and the cupboards can be painted if it is tiling in order to be highlighted.

Makeover the appliance

Julien To perfect the new decorative style of your kitchen, why not give your appliances a makeover? Is your fridge too white? Use a special gray stainless steel paint to give it a very modern look.

Play with materials

A3P At the start of the school year, the house plays its chameleon, imitating all kinds of materials. On the walls, the wallpaper takes on the appearance of zebra skin, on the floor, the tiles imitate leather and all these warm materials give a very cocooning effect to your interior.

Cover the floor

Saint Maclou Change the floor and the atmosphere of your interior will be instantly changed! Opt for an easy solution like vinyl, which arises in the blink of an eye. Fancy an industrial effect? Bet on a concrete effect vinyl.

Change the curtains

Leroy Merlin To change the look of your living room or bedroom, consider buying new curtains. This will be an opportunity to put away the summer curtains for more cocooning curtains.

Dress the walls in a practical way

Leroy Merlin To dress your walls, you can think practical! Why not install wall storage over an entire surface to give a graphic style to the room and take advantage of a multitude of storage?

Treat yourself to a carpet

Saint Maclou Pou energize the ground, nothing like accessories! We then choose a large and beautiful rug that will be the star of our living room. Do not hesitate to bet on colors so that it really stands out in your interior.