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8 good reasons to opt for hexagonal tiles

8 good reasons to opt for hexagonal tiles

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1. The hexagonal tiles are original


With its six sides, the hexagonal tile is a polygon. What pleasantly change the classic square or rectangular tiles and break the a little too wise lines of laying traditional tiles. What, above all, to give style to any room easily!

2. The hexagonal tiling… rest of the tiling


It may be original, the hexagonal tiling remains a real tiling, and therefore has all the advantages. It protects surfaces, cleans without problems, is durable and resistant, does not fear humidity, does not scratch easily. In other words, it provides behind a tap or near an oven, under the feet of children as under the legs of animals.

3. The hexagonal tile is design


Inevitably, with its shape with six sides alternating straight and oblique, the hexagonal tiling displays an ultra-graphic look that decorators adore. A real design object that can also be used as such, and play on asymmetry, for its decorative side more than for its coating function!

4. The hexagonal tiling is varied


The name of the hexagonal tile refers to its shape, but does not impose anything style. Take a look at the ranges of tiles from major manufacturers, you will find tiles hex in an infinite variety of colors and patterns! Black or white, colored or cement tiles, marble or concrete effect, anything is possible, including large or small tiles.

5. The hexagonal tiling allows all the follies


Yes we can install hexagonal tiles in a uniform way to take advantage of its graphic form without overdoing it. Yes, we can also mix black and white tiles for modernity, colors for a pop look, patterns for an original result, effects for a textured look!

6. Hexagonal tiles mix


Like any tile, the hexagonal tile can be mixed with another type of coating. But the result obtained is much more graphic, since the imposed cuts transform the mixture into a true arty picture ... provided you call on a professional for installation!

7. Hexagonal tiles are traditional


Believe it or not, but despite its modern look, hexagonal tile is an old-fashioned one. Originally used for tiles, the six-sided shape has long remained a bit outdated, even downright cheesy, before being revisited by new colors, new materials and new uses.

8. The hexagonal tile can do everything


Since it is both a floor covering, a mura coatingl and a design object, the hexagonal tiling adapts to all decorative desires. It can be used in a splashback or on the floor, in the kitchen as in the bathroom, in the shower or behind the headboard, mixed with another tile or parquet, as an accent wall or as an all-over!


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