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Christmas: 7 decor ideas to adopt the nature trend

Christmas: 7 decor ideas to adopt the nature trend

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1. A wooden Christmas tree


A plastic Christmas tree? It is not very responsible ... An authentic Christmas tree? It is not the most practical! To find the best alternative, we suggest you create a tree that is both sustainable and full of charm! Designed using wooden cleats, this Christmas tree honors nature for a Christmas that is as ethical as it is aesthetic!

2. A vegetable Christmas table


For a Christmas table on the theme of nature, nothing could be simpler! Create your centerpiece using fir branches and a light garland, slip a few pine cones here and there, decorate your napkin ring with a mini branch ... You don't need to more to decorate your party table!

3. Chewable Christmas tree decorations


If you want to give a rustic atmosphere to your Christmas tree, you can directly draw inspiration from the elements of nature! Dry your favorite flowers, fruit slices (oranges like this inspiration) or even cookies. All you have to do is hang them on the tree!

4. Natural gift packaging


Once again, not too much is needed to insult a natural spirit to your Christmas decoration. For gift wrapping, opt for biodegradable paper (kraft paper style), tie them with a cord and add a small branch of eucalyptus for the vegetable touch. Simple but effective, isn't it?

5. Misappropriation of natural objects


Christmas is an opportunity to have fun with the decor and to dare to divert the craziest objects! To adopt the natural trend for example, you can divert an empty coconut to use it as a vase! In the same way, you can use wooden logs as trivet or candle holder ...

6. Feet of plant fiber


Who says nature, necessarily says vegetable fibers. For your Christmas decoration, we can only recommend that you use authentic materials such as rattan, jute or cardboard paper. In this living room, for example, the Christmas tree feet are highlighted with the use of a basket and a braided basket!

7. A hanging garland


If you're the minimalist genre, you don't have to look far. An imposing plant garland hanging from the ceiling or framing the windows can set the tone alone! A simple trick to reproduce in any room of the house! And for lovers, don't forget the famous holly!


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