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Visit of the St-Symphorien des Monts park

Visit of the St-Symphorien des Monts park

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Slowly but surely, the St-Symphorien-des-Monts park relearns to offer its beauty to the eyes of the world. Very heavily affected by the storm of December 1999, it will ensue for him a sleep of ten years, the time to heal his deepest wounds. The time also, for the passionate lovers of this place, to imagine for him a new ambitious project, in resonance with its history and in line with the values ​​of the new century that was looming. Which brings us to the past of the park designed, in the 1970s, by Count Charles-Edouard de Miramon Pesteils, as a park that is both animal and floral. This heritage has been respected, the new park in turn housing many rustic boarders - sometimes even a bit unusual - such as giant aurochs, Jacob's sheep, Highland oxen ... As for the plant heritage, it can take advantage of remarkable trees over 100 years old (oaks, beeches and redwoods) as well as one of the most beautiful collections of rhododendrons and azaleas in Normandy. To these two promises is added a third, artistic this one, which consists in integrating contemporary works along the visit routes. Finally, the new park is betting on interactivity - through games based on geolocation and a mobile application presenting the flora and fauna -, to offer its new visitors an even richer and more entertaining experience.

Saint-Symphorien des Monts Park - Allée Domfront fleurie

Olivier Mordacq ## The transverse alley in spring Here it is, spring is here, and with it rhododendron blossoms no longer knowing where to look!

Saint-Symphorien des Monts Park - Dolmen

Olivier Mordacq ## The megalithic monument A megalithic monument is present within the park. It is a megalithic tomb, the origin of which is estimated at 3000 BC.

Saint-Symphorien des Monts Park - ghost tree

Geraldine Aresteanu ## Megalithic monument or dead tree? The 1999 storm caused significant damage to the park, resulting in the loss of 3,000 trees. This painful episode will bring the park a sleep of more than 10 years before being reborn in the eyes of the public thanks to the work of many enthusiasts.

Saint-Symphorien des Monts Park - Former entrance to the castle

Olivier Mordacq ## The old entrance to the park The old entrance, despite the ravages of time, has kept its original majesty intact.

Saint-Symphorien des Monts Park - Allée de Savigny

Olivier Mordacq ## A clearing atmosphere Special care has been taken to respect the natural environment. This is how the new park is still able to offer shows such as this carpet of bluebells, favorite ornament of the clearings.

Saint-Symphorien des Monts Park - Flower well

Olivier Mordacq ## A house for Snow White? Is this the Snow White house? No, in its time, this delightful thatched cottage served as a hunting lodge and then as a dwelling house for the caretaker, until the park was transformed into an animal park in the early 1970s.

Parc de Saint-Symphorien des Monts - rabbit and rhodos

Olivier Mordacq ## The flowering of rhododendrons Rhododendrons and azaleas flourish happily thanks to the mild climate of the English Channel. A richly colored palette which, when spring arrives, echoes that of the many ericaceous trees which line the long path of the park. Let's follow the gray rabbit, the visit continues…

Saint-Symphorien des Monts Park - The double thatched cottage

Geraldine Aresteanu - Olivier Mordacq ## A haven of peace Just like the park and the perspective of the castle, the 18th century thatched cottage is listed in the inventory of Historic Monuments. How good it is to relax in this little house so nicely protected by its thick thatched roof!

Saint-Symphorien des Monts Park - deer couple in profile

Olivier Mordacq ## Unusual encounters Faithful to the romantic spirit of 18th century promenade parks, the new St-Symphorien des Monts park promotes surprising encounters with rare animals.