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Favorite dishes for summer

Favorite dishes for summer

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In summer, we want the dishes to sparkle both on the tablecloth extended in the garden and on the table on the terrace. The idea? Create freshness and cheerfulness before the guests arrive. Quickly, discover our selection of glasses and plates in total cohesion with the summer spirit and good mood of the beautiful days!

Summer dishes are fruity

Geneviève Lethu ### Pineapple, banana, raspberry or kiwi? The colorful dishes here are indeed surrounded by fruity patterns. Deliciously exotic!

Summer tableware is marine

Geneviève Lethu ### The summer menu for holidaymakers: fish and shellfish, to be enjoyed off the Atlantic or the Mediterranean. A seaside spirit which inspired the design of a surprising collection of plates in the shape of… fish!

Summer tableware is in bloom

Ikéa ### Liberty madly with this panoply of flowered dishes that keeps spring going until the end of summer…

Summer dishes are festive

Geneviève Lethu ### Coated with a fine, colorful line, these transparent cocktail glasses bring a festive mood to the table!

Summer dishes are whimsical

Paragraph ### Arty and multicolored peas have been sown on this cheerful range of plates. Make way for fantasy!

Summer dishes are spiced up

Paragraph ### Half white, half bright red tableware, that's ideal for spicing up the table setting…

Summer dishes are colorful

Ikéa ### Summer tableware is not necessarily porcelain, however, it is necessarily colorful! A condition which is in line with the good mood of the summer. Demonstration with this yellow and green set intended for a picnic in the middle of nature!


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