Leroy Merlin bathrooms: new collection 2012 - 2013

Leroy Merlin bathrooms: new collection 2012 - 2013

For its back-to-school collection dedicated to the bathroom, Leroy Merlin has thought of small spaces, family spaces, colorful styles, nature, chic and retro. To discover in pictures.

Small spaces

Leroy Merlin ### Multiplying space-saving ideas to hold a sink, storage space, a shower and a toilet area on a small surface, this bathroom seduces us with its rain gray color code (zinc-plated gray furniture, handles in chromed aluminum, porcelain stoneware floor loft spirit) enhanced with some white notes and awakened by a few orange touches.


Leroy Merlin ### Behind its pretty bright colors, we would almost forget the strong point of this bathroom, suitable for both young and old! Changing table, footstool, double sinks, bath and shower on the program.

Parental suite

Leroy Merlin ### The bedroom and the bathroom in the same room, this is a little bit of luxury that makes more than one dream. And it's even better if sliding doors separate the two, so as to create space or intimacy as desired.


Leroy Merlin ### Nothing like a brightly colored bathroom to start the day with a punch. This is precisely the strong point of this sunny floor-to-ceiling bathroom, an excellent ally for our morning awakenings.

Under the eaves

Leroy Merlin ### Sublime walk-in shower XXL version! Built under the roofs, it is protected by inverted V-shaped glass walls allowing it to cover the entire width of the room. Well-being sees life big, even at the top of the house!


Leroy Merlin ### Lion paws bathtub wrapped in curtains, fifties style taps and black and white decor create a charming retro atmosphere in the bathroom. Notice to fans of the decorations called "time machines".


Leroy Merlin ### Second retro copy in the Leroy Merlin bathroom series. On the menu: a lion's feet freestanding bathtub, a soft color code combining immaculate white, dark gray and stainless steel, all enhanced by a wide strip of brilliant mosaics forming the word "bath" on the wall.


Leroy Merlin ### Tadelakt coating on Moroccan hammam-style walls, raised Japanese-style square basins and wooden Venetian blinds: it's impossible to escape the Zen attitude at bath time! We adhere, we love ...


Leroy Merlin ### Make way for relaxation! Here, natural and artificial light create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to well-being, all punctuated with blond wood furniture, wicker storage baskets and a wall canvas overlooking the ocean ...