10 tips for organizing your suitcase

10 tips for organizing your suitcase

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A few weeks before the big departure on vacation, are you already worried about the idea of ​​packing your suitcase? Come on, to help you, we have listed 10 ways to organize it so that everything fits without having to sit on it. Demonstration.

A tip for the hat

A Pair and a Sparediy Your straw hat can quickly crush and deteriorate if you store it in your suitcase. The trick to keep it looking pretty? Slip a shirt or T-shirt into it and organize everything around it once it is in place. Source: A Pair and a Sparediy

Stack then fold

A Cup of Jo Lay the pants flat, then the sweaters, then the shirts, then the T-shirts ... and finish it off by folding like a pancake! Source: A Cup of Jo

Nothing flat

The Other Emily What if the trick to saving space in your suitcase was to not store anything flat? Source: The Other Emily (//

Organized bags

Kids on a Plane Thanks to color codes and stacking cubes, packing your bag becomes child's play! Source: Kids on a Plane

Outfits slipped into pants

Noise Covered in Dirt To carry out this trick at home, position your pants flat, add your t-shirt, your underwear and your socks, then roll everything up like a nem. Repeat the operation and put your outfits in place in the suitcase. Source: Noise Covered in Dirt

A box for jewelry

Woman's Day The rings and necklaces, carelessly thrown in the toiletry bag to go on vacation, it's over! We adopt to store them a very practical box thanks to which we will find them easily. Source: Woman's Day

Good folding technique

Snail Pace Transformations To save space in your suitcase, follow Victoria's folding technique before putting the t-shirts in plastic bags. Source: Snail Pace Transformations

Fill shoes

Good House Keeping They take up space, so make them useful! The shoes can accommodate your creams, your shower gels or your pairs of socks! Source: Good House Keeping

Sachets per day

Space for Living Ideal for children who go out in colo for example, the trick of plastic bags with the outfit for each day is to be tried without hesitation! Source: Space for Living


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