10 unusual picnic accessories

10 unusual picnic accessories

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The return of sunny days, rising temperatures, and relaxed rhythm of life ... What create an atmosphere conducive to moments of conviviality with family or friends, around a good picnic, right? To make your life easier, the editorial staff has selected 10 unusual picnic special accessories: portable barbecue, compact espresso machine, picnic mat, egg cup, citrus press, corkscrew, and towel holders with original designs… In short, there is something for everyone and all budgets, so follow the guide!

A compact espresso machine

Handpresso The ultimate version of the portable espresso machine, the Handpresso Pump is simple, light and extremely compact. This espresso machine will easily slip into your picnic basket and accompany you everywhere! The Handpresso Pump works without batteries or electricity, and is compatible with ESE (Easy Serving Espresso) pods, as with ground coffee for espresso. Espresso machine, Handpresso Pump: 99 euros

Coca pattern picnic rug

La Chaise Longue No successful picnic, without carpet to protect you from the humidity of the ground. Lunch on the grass will never be as pleasant as with this easy-to-carry picnic mat with waterproof fabric. Picnic mat, La Chaise Longue: 19.95 euros

Knight egg cups

PA Design As comfortable on the breakfast table as in your picnic basket, to transport your hard boiled eggs, we fall for this playful egg cup, with chivalrous allures. Straight out of Shahar Peleg's imagination, "Arthur" will keep your boiled egg warm in his armor! Egg cup Arthur, PA Design: 9.70 euros

An original corkscrew similar to a parrot

Alessi Give colors and a touch of originality to your picnic basket with Parrot. This funny bird is actually a very practical corkscrew, designed by Annalisa Margarini and Alessandro Mendini, for Alessi. Parrot, Alessi corkscrew: 39 euros

A Lego Bento

Bento On the kids' side, the editorial team fell in love with this Lego-like bento. What give him the taste of the picnic! Bento, Kit Block: 27 euros

A towel holder in the shape of a mountain

PA Design Tired of paper towels that fly away at the slightest gust of wind? Make your life easier with this stainless steel towel rack, and picnic with peace of mind. Névé towel rack, PA Design: 25 euros

A boat citrus juicer

Koziol Original, practical and unusual, this juicer in the shape of a boat allows you to extract the juice of your favorite fruits, then serve it by the stern or the bow of the ship. As a bonus, it will brighten up your picnics with its pretty colors: orange, red, green or yellow. Ahoi, Koziol citrus juicer: 7.75 euros / piece

Original aperitif peaks

PA Design Bring a touch of originality to your picnic with these tree-shaped peaks. Very practical, they are machine washable and infinitely reusable! Aperitif peaks, PA Design: 9.50 euros for 16

A picnic basket for pets

Alessi And if you are lucky enough to have a four-legged friend in your tribe, the editorial team has also thought of him. Unearthed at Alessi, this is a travel basket specially adapted for your pet. Imagined by designer Mirima Mirri, this Petnic consists of a large handle and a lid containing two detachable parts, which transform into bowls: one for water and the other for kibble. Petnic basket, Alessi: 30 euros