Grasses adorn gardens and balconies

Grasses adorn gardens and balconies

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With their colorful foliage, their elegant habit and for some their feathery inflorescences, the grasses create magnificent decorations. You can use them isolated on a lawn, in bedding, at the edge, or even in a container on your balcony.

Festuca glauca

Globe Planter ** Festuca glauca Intense Blue ** This blue fescue is a jumble of intense blue foliage. If you install it in full sun its color will only be more brilliant. In summer, it is adorned with erect ears that you can use in dry bouquets.

Wood reed

Willemse ** Orange cane reed (Calamagrostis arundinacea) ** Waving with the wind, its fine foliage slowly changes from yellow to the most beautiful orange over the months. An abundant vaporous flowering reveals itself in the middle of summer.

Carex trifida Rekohu Sunrise

Globe Planter ** Carex trifida Rekohu Sunrise ** This perennial is decorative in border, solid and rockery. Easy to cultivate, it adapts to all exposures and all soils.

Muhlenbergia capillaris

Willemse ** Muhlenbergia capillaris * (M. Capillaris) *** A magnificent vaporous flowering is revealed at the end of summer at the end of long pink spikes. Its dark green, tapered foliage is persistent. This grass is ideal for group planting.

Angel hair

Willemse ** Hair of angels (Stipa tenuissima) ** Its very fine foliage undulates at the slightest breath of wind. This grass is to be planted grouped in clumps or borders. Ideal in tub on balcony.

Carex oshimensis Everillo

Globe Planter ** Carex oshimensis Everillo ** All varieties of sedge are perennial. The latter forms a very large dense tuft of green and yellow foliage with the most beautiful effect in a container.

Japanese grass

Willemse ** Golden Japanese Grass (Hakonechioa macra Aureola) ** Its colorful foliage ranges from golden in spring and summer to the most beautiful red in autumn. Its dense tuft is very appreciated in rock garden, on the edge or in a tray on a terrace.


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