I use the walls as storage space

I use the walls as storage space

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The wall surface is not only a real asset to create a decorative atmosphere but also for a very practical space for storage. And yes, we can completely use the walls to store in an original way. Demonstration.

Practical shelves

La Redoute Certain activities in the house require having the right accessories on hand. Near the washing machine, for example, you can install a shelf that will hold the laundry, some household linen and your iron. So you create a laundry area in any room.

Shelving units

La Redoute If you don't want to opt for a sideboard or dresser that sometimes brings a massive appearance to the room, you can choose shelving systems. For light storage, this system can be installed over the entire wall surface, offering shelves and a few cupboards.

Shelves for storing dishes

Paragraph For original storage, the kitchen cupboards can be replaced by shelves that will hold your dishes. But be careful, you will have to make sure to store decor by offering beautiful dishes and pots.

Accessories on the walls

Paragraph Whether on your credenza or on another wall of your kitchen, you can install a bar that will allow you to hang your small kitchen utensils such as the whisk, tongs and other spoons. Our decoration tip: bet on colorful accessories.

Chairs on the walls

Leroy Merlin If you live in a small space and prefer to optimize the space, you can hang your folding chairs on the wall. Choose colorful models that will also decorate the kitchen in an original way.

A wall-mounted dressing room

Leroy Merlin If you do not have a room dedicated to the dressing room, you can completely integrate this space in your bedroom using a system of wall shelves. Almost tailor-made, the shelves can take up the entire wall surface or only a part.

High shelves

Leroy Merlin When you have a high ceiling, nothing like high shelves to take advantage of the wall surface and install a few books or decorative items. Choose shelves with invisible fixings for a better decorative effect.

Storage for children

Ikea So that children can store all their belongings, use the walls to fix storage bins. Do not hesitate to place them high so that your child does not have access to all of the belongings.

Narrow storage

Ikea In order not to take up too much space in small rooms such as the bathroom, do not hesitate to choose narrow shelves that will only allow you to store a few accessories. The advantage of this type of storage is that it takes up no floor space when you run out of space.