City Guide: Ghent

City Guide: Ghent

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Ghent, a university city brimming with vitality, is located at the confluence of the Lys and the Scheldt. Often forgotten in favor of Antwerp and Bruges, this city bordered by canals does not lack assets. The proof in pictures with our City Guide!

A museum: S.M.A.K.

DR If you like contemporary art, a visit is essential to the Municipal Museum of Contemporary Art in Ghent where permanent collections of national works and original exhibitions, see daring, are presented.

Architecture: The Municipal Hall

DR A true architectural feat imagined by Robbrecht & Daem and Marie José Van Hee Architects, the Municipal Hall in Ghent hosts concerts, dance performances and markets.

A moment of shopping: Van Hoorebeke chocolate factory

Chocolaterie Van Hoorebeke The history of the Hoorebeke family with chocolate began in 1982 in a studio making pralines and other delicacies. Today, it is Cédric, the son, who has taken over the reins of this chocolate factory which offers high quality Belgian chocolates as pretty as delicious.

A specialty: The Waterzooi

VisitGent In the Middle Ages, this specialty soup from Ghent was prepared with fish caught in the Lys and the Scheldt. Then the fish was replaced by chicken, but you can also taste the traditional recipe.

A cultural place: The Ghent Opera

VisitGent The Ghent Opera illustrates the wealth of 19th century industrialists in Ghent. Its chandelier is a real attraction as are the three salons, 90 meters long not to be missed!

A restaurant: Gust

Gust This charming restaurant decorated in soft pastel colors and light wood is the ideal place for breakfast or lunch. Here, everything is homemade and the menu changes every week!

An Airbnb apartment

Airbnb The roof terrace overlooking the Saint John Church and the beautiful silhouette of Ghent is likely to appeal to more than one tenant of this Airbnb apartment located in the old city center.

A hidden place: the alley with graffiti

Envie Voyages The Werregarenstraatje constantly changes its appearance thanks to the street artists who give themselves to their heart on the entire walls of the alley. Don't miss it!

A means of transport: The "Hop On Hop Off" water-tram

Hop On Hop Off If you're looking for a fun way to get around in Ghent, opt for the Hop On Hop Off water-tram which offers six stops at the city's top attractions.


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