Spring / summer 2013 goal: marine stripes or color block, your choice

Spring / summer 2013 goal: marine stripes or color block, your choice

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The But stores spring / summer boat is about to weigh anchor. His program: follow the Atlantic side to then head towards an island called Pastel, then a second called Color Block ... Come on, let's get on?

Butterfly Effect

Aim Favorite for this table lamp. On its wooden base came to rest a pretty lampshade with butterfly patterns to enchant our spring / summer decoration…


But Here it is, spring is here for good. So quickly, outside, we light our lanterns and mix the candle holders so that the outdoor lighting is on top of the trend!

Sailor decoration

Purpose Armchair, floor cushions, storage basket: we all took out the sailors' outfits so that we could reach the sea as soon as we got home…

Vitamin gradient

Aim Nice assortment of vitamin-rich table lamps with a high-tech look. One thing is certain, we will not be able to criticize them for their pep and good energy!

Garden in celebration

Goal The garden sees life in color! Blue, pink, purple, orange or green: here it is surrounded by dapper lampshades to sow a festive atmosphere…

Cargo numbers

Goal On paneled walls, the marine atmosphere continues to take advantage. On the program: a pretty canvas evoking the open sea, accompanied by a suspension branded with the traditional stripe and a cargo style number.

Braided trend

Goal The braided trend has not said its last word! It was by the seaside style that it again stood out this year. And we are just validating!

Retro fans

Purpose It blows like a retro air on the first days of good weather. The time to afford a 50s-style all round fan therefore wows us more than ever… Long live chic ventilation!

Flash (y) schedule

Aim Still on the "color block" side, clocks in turn allow themselves to be won over by the frenzy of flashy shades. From bright orange to neon green through fuchsia, they show us all the colors…